Improving Fairness and Trust in AI Used for College Admissions and Language Translation
A joint initiative between NSF and Amazon is funding two UMD-led teams to increase fairness, accountability and transparency in AI. MORE
NSF CAREER Award Supports Research on Software Errors
Leonidas Lampropoulos (right) will use the funding to bridge the gap between fuzzing techniques and formal verification. MORE
A Lively Victorian-Era Take on Quantum Physics
A new book by Nicole Yunger Halpern explores the world of quantum thermodynamics though the lens of steampunk characters. MORE
Can a Strategy Game Help AI Learn to Spot Scammers?
Funded by DARPA, Jordan Boyd-Graber is analyzing data from the online version of Diplomacy, a strategic board game based on deceit. MORE
A New Toolkit to Process RNA-Sequencing Data
Rob Patro and Dongze He are exploring new methods for the efficient processing of single-cell and single-nucleus RNA sequencing data. MORE
New Postdoc Teams Up with Daumé to Mitigate Bias in Machine Learning
Jieyu Zhao—a pioneering researcher of bias in machine learning—has joined the CLIP Lab for two years as a visiting scholar. MORE
QuICS Ph.D. Student Named Ford Fellow
Anthony Munson is one of 77 doctoral students nationwide to be awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship. MORE
World Traveling Postdoc Finds Home at MC2
Andreea Alexandru researches privacy-preserving protocols with applications in cyber-physical systems and machine learning. MORE
Pop Named Fellow by ISCB
The award honors members who have distinguished themselves through outstanding contributions to the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics. MORE
Lin Inducted into IEEE Virtual Reality Academy
Her research focuses on multimodal interaction, physically based animations and simulations, as well as algorithmic robotics in physical and virtual environments. MORE
Cummings Receives NVIDIA Academic Hardware Grant
The grant will support the development of software that provides a rapid analysis of biological sequence data. MORE
"Just Because You Are A Pawn You Don't Have To Lose The Game," Says Rita Colwell
The Distinguished University Professor gave the CMNS Dean’s Voices of Inclusive Excellence Lecture on women in science. WATCH
Resnik and Cummings Receive MPower Seed Funding
They are active in three of the 17 projects selected to split $3M in interdisciplinary seed funding. MORE
Developing Algorithms to Improve Accessibility to COVID-19 Vaccination Sites
Aravind Srinivasan is developing sophisticated algorithms to help health care officials in Virginia determine the best locations to place vaccine sites. MORE
Expanding Access to Data Visualization for the Visually Impaired
Through a $2M contract with the Maryland Department of Education, Niklas Elmqvist is developing new tools for visually impaired high schoolers. MORE
The Case for Human-Centered AI Featured in TechTalks
Ben Shneiderman's concept of “human-centered AI” aims to reduce fears of existential threats and increase benefits for users and society by putting humans at the center of AI efforts. MORE
QuICS Ph.D. Student Wins Quantum Chess Tournament
Fourth-year doctoral student Daochen Wang advanced through five elimination rounds to take the top prize. MORE
QuICS Team Wins 2021 NISQ Computing Paper Award
In a paper published in the journal Physical Review X, Alexey Gorshkov and Luis Pedro García-Pintos provide a new perspective for investigating quantum changes. MORE

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