UMIACS Faculty Part of $10M NSF Expeditions in Computing Award to Thwart Disease Outbreaks
Aravind Srinivasan, Rita Colwell and Abhinav Bhatele are deploying the latest advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, supercomputing and social science data against epidemic outbreaks in the wake of COVID-19 . MORE
How Robots Can Do Our Dull, Dangerous and Dirty Jobs
Watch how Pratap Tokekar designs algorithms for robots used in agriculture and bridge inspections.
COVID-19 Crisis Causes Faculty to Adapt Research Activities
Robotics expert Cornelia Fermüller is one of many faculty members adjusting to off-campus, online research. MORE
Goldstein and Chellappa Featured in The New Yorker
Tom Goldstein and Rama Chellappa, leaders in their respective fields of machine learning and computer vision, were interviewed for "Dressing in the Surveillance Age." MORE
Virtually Enjoy the Brendan Iribe Center in Full Bloom
While the current public health crisis has changed how we work and where we gather, it has not changed the beauty of our campus in the spring .
The Impossibility of Efficient Quantum Coin Flipping
QuICS Fellow Carl Miller uses math and quantum physics to explore “fairness” in coin flipping . MORE
UMIACS Faculty Secure Funding for Projects Combining Artificial Intelligence and Medicine
Three UMIACS faculty members teamed up with medical experts at the University of Maryland, Baltimore to advance research in aging, traumatic brain injury, and mental illness. MORE
Shrivastava Receives $2.5M from DARPA to Teach AI Systems to Adapt in Evolving Situations
The goal of his research is to teach AI systems how to recognize dynamic environments and react appropriately, without needing to be retrained on a large data set . MORE
Four Students Working in UMIACS Centers Receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
The students are active in the Maryland Cybersecurity Center , the Center for Automation Research , and the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology . MORE
Dickerson Wins Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year
The students who nominated Dickerson for the award noted the great deal of respect he has for their ideas. MORE
Hajiaghayi Named Fellow of European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS)
He was specifically noted for his “contributions to the theory of algorithms, in particular algorithmic graph theory, game theory, and distributed computing.” MORE

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