Meet Artist and Computer Vision Expert Yaser Yacoob
Working with watercolors and oil paint for decades has enabled the UMIACS associate research scientist to develop an eye for spotting deepfakes. MORE
New Tool Eases Reconstruction of Microbial Genomes
A UMIACS team unveiled their open-source software in a paper recently published in Frontiers in Microbiology. MORE
Feldman Wins Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award
The computational linguist encourages her students to gain interdisciplinary depth and go outside their comfort zones. MORE
First-Year Doctoral Student Awarded DOE Computational Sciences Fellowship
Joy Kitson is focused on developing large-scale simulations for diseases and public health interventions. MORE
New QuICS Fellow Plumbs the Depth of Quantum Information Problems
Victor Albert says he loves distilling problems to their most basic and general mathematical root. MORE
Resnik, Shrivastava Each Win an Amazon Research Award
The funding supports projects on COVID-19 topic modeling and localizing new concepts using dual memory. MORE
UMD Pushes New Technologies Advancing VR and AR Hardware
UMIACS researchers are developing eye-tracking software to improve the visual quality and efficiency of 3D graphics. MORE
Gumerov Named CMNS Distinguished Research Scientist
He was recognized for his longstanding research and scholarship involving multidimensional data, spatial audio, wave scattering and more. MORE
Two Students Share Experiences in Programming Languages Lab
The Council on Undergraduate Research interviewed two students working with Michael Hicks and David Van Horn in the PLUM Lab. MORE
Gumerov and Duraiswami Receive Facebook Reality Labs Award
The spatial audio experts have been funded to improve computational models used to simulate the human perception of auditory signals. MORE
What's Happening at the Annual HCIL Symposium
Members of the Human-Computer Interaction Lab blog about their research ahead of the symposium on May 27. MORE
MC2 Featured in MIT Technology Review
The Maryland Cybersecurity Center is investigating attacks on the latest generation of neural networks. MORE
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As we reach the end of the Spring semester, it's worth noting the journey we've been on for the past 14 months, while also looking forward to what's ahead. MORE
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