Tokekar Enables Robots to Collect Scientific Data
Pratap Tokekar, one of UMIACS's newest faculty members, uses robots to collect data in situations that are often too dangerous for humans. For example, the drone pictured above inspects bridges for cracks, corrosion and stress. MORE
Shneiderman and Varshney Named to IEEE Vis Academy
Induction into the academy is considered the highest and most prestigious honor in the field of computer visualization. MORE
Huang Tackles Challenges in Deep Neural Networks
See how she applies classical machine learning algorithms to solve problems with modern deep neural networks.
HCIL Researchers Present Eight Papers at IEEE Vis
The research in data visualization covers cognitive biases, how humans perceive and solve visual tasks, and various ways that data can be visually organized, including virtual reality. MORE
QuICS Marks Five-Year Anniversary with Symposium
The Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science is commemorating its fifth anniversary with a research symposium in January. MORE
Colwell Reflects on Water Issues in Insightful Q&A
The former National Science Foundation Director gives her opinion on the current state of climate change, as well as advice for the next generation of young scientists. MORE
QuICS Researchers Awarded $3.8 Million
The funding supports a broad range of topics that will lay the groundwork for quantum computers to become practical devices. MORE

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