UMD Researchers Receive $2.35M from NSF to Improve Baltimore Public Transit Planning
The team–led by Vanessa Frias-Martinez–will focus on actionable solutions for lower-income residents who rely on bus and light rail systems. MORE
Fermüller Leads $1.75M
NSF Project to Advance Neuromorphic Engineering
She is creating an international network to develop new methods and approaches for AI systems that mimic biological nervous systems. MORE
Understanding How the Gut Microbiome Influences Human Health with Brantley Hall
The new UMIACS faculty member is combining computational and wet lab techniques to identify intestinal genes responsible for health functions. MORE
CML Announces 2020 Rising Stars in Machine Learning
Four female doctoral students will visit campus virtually this fall to present their research and meet with students and faculty. MORE
New Major Immerses Students in Coding and Creativity
The undergraduate program will be administratively supported by UMIACS, and involves several faculty members in the institute. MORE
UMD Undergraduate Computer Science Program Among Nation's Best
The national rankings–compiled by U.S. News & World Report–include specialty programs in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data science. MORE
New MC2 Postdoctoral Fellow Brings Expertise in Cryptography to Campus
Cong Zhang will collaborate with researchers in the Maryland Cybersecurity Center over the next two years. MORE
Srinivasan Receives Funding From Google to Advance Contact Tracing Methods
The research can help decide who to test and when, and provide fundamental insights for future pandemics. MORE
IEEE Computing Society's New President De Floriani Reflects on 2020's Challenges and Opportunities
Her message to 50,000 members covers her goals of increasing diversity and inclusion, open science and open access, and enhancing member and volunteer engagement. MORE
Goldstein Part of $7.5M MURI Award to Study Theoretical Aspects of Deep Learning
The machine learning and optimization expert joins a multi-institutional team funded by the Office of Naval Research. MORE
Porter Part of Effort to Research Human-AI Collaboration in Army Intelligence
His team includes researchers from UMD and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering, where he serves as executive and scientific director. MORE
From TERP Magazine: A Double Infection Fighter
Rita Colwell, a UMIACS researcher who changed the world's understanding of cholera, stands up to sexism in science. MORE

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