A Passion for Software and The Simpsons
Director of Computing Facilities Derek Yarnell's office features a GPU packaging wall and an extensive cast of figurines from "The Simpsons." MORE
Pablo Paredes Joins UMIACS
He studies the relationship between technology and health, and how digital and physical tools can sustain and improve our well-being. MORE
Quantum-Thermodynamics Hub Launches With $2M Grant
Nicole Yunger Halpern will expand her signature quantum steampunk research in the new center. MORE
Identifying Stereotypes With Artificial Intelligence
A new tool developed by Niklas Elmqvist helps creative writers spot regressive stereotypes. MORE
Mini Robot Tracks Workouts By Traversing User's Body
Huaishu Peng's mini robot can track a variety of exercises through sensors and instruct dance moves. MORE
HCIL Researchers Receive IEEE VIS Test of Time Award
Faculty emeriti Catherine Plaisant and Ben Bederson are being recognized for their foundational work on zoomable tree browsers from 20 years ago. MORE
Cleaveland Returns From NSF Leadership Role
Rance Cleaveland served as director of the Division of Computing and Communications Foundations at NSF for four years. MORE
Diving Headfirst into UMD's Quantum Community
Jade LeSchack is founder of the Undergraduate Quantum Association, currently in its second year. MORE
Vishkin Publishes Op-Ed in Communications of ACM
In a point/counterpoint piece, Uzi Vishkin weighs in on the value and efficiency of a new breed of CPUs. MORE
How Do Infants Learn Sounds In Their Native Language?
CLIP researchers Kasia Hitczenko and Naomi Feldman published groundbreaking research on this topic in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. MORE
Creating An Impenetrable Watermark Using Artificial Intelligence
Tom Goldstein and John Dickerson have developed a watermark that's impossible to remove without detection. MORE
Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality Makes Headlines
Co-led by Amitabh Varshney, the new center is focused on improving patient outcomes and advancing medical training. MORE
Technica Celebrates Eight Years
With support from UMIACS, the world's largest hackathon for underrepresented genders returns to UMD October 15–16. MORE
AI Needs Pragmatists and Blue-Sky Visionaries
Ben Shneiderman's vision for the future of artificial intelligence was published in Scientific American. MORE
A Computational Approach to Improving Therapeutic Drug Treatments
Funded by the FDA, Michael Cummings is analyzing the synthetic process for manufacturing antisense oligonucleotides—which are used to treat neurological disorders and cancer. MORE
Mazurek Part of $1.2M Project Aimed at Increasing Transparency in Advertising
Supported by the NSF, Michelle Mazurek is part of a multi-institutional team developing new mechanisms to make targeted ad transparency information more accessible. MORE

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If the dream is for computing to make people's lives better, then teamwork really does make the dream work. MORE
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