Women Researchers Still Face Major Hurdles in Academia–Especially in Science
The Atlantic featured an article by Distinguished University Professor Rita Colwell adapted from her new book on sexism in science, including her perspective on the gender gap in the age of COVID-19. MORE
UMIACS faculty member Leilani Battle and MC2 alumna Elissa Redmiles helped co-author a powerful piece in Nature magazine on how to hire and retain more women in academia. MORE
Resnik Develops Computational Models to Better Understand Political Decisions
The computational linguistics expert has been awarded $430K by the NSF to study when and why legislators make a political choice. MORE
Vidal and Raschid Use Big Data to Fight Alzheimer's Disease and Lung Cancer
UMIACS joined nine European research organizations to advance diagnosis and treatment for patients. MORE
New Assistant Professor in CLIP Lab is an Expert in Natural Language Understanding
Rachel Rudinger completed a postdoctoral fellowship at AI2 in Seattle before joining the CLIP lab. MORE
Patro Is Improving the Ability to Quickly Search Large Amounts of Sequencing Data
He is developing fundamentally improved data structures and algorithms for the large-scale search of genomic data. MORE
Samet and Lin Recognized by Washington Academy of Sciences
They will each receive a Distinguished Career Award in recognition of their research and scholarship. MORE
Van Horn Honored for the Lasting Impact of Academic Paper Published in 2010
He recently won a Most Influential Paper award at the ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming. MORE
Four QuICS Fellows Join New Federally Funded Quantum Centers
The multi-institutional centers, funded at $115M apiece by the Department of Energy, support the National Quantum Initiative Act of 2018. MORE
Bera and Manocha Receive MPower Funding to Improve Mental Telehealth Services Using AI
UMCP researchers are collaborating with psychiatric experts at UMB to improve mental telehealth services for children living in rural Maryland. MORE
El-Sayed Talks About Adapting to Change in Q&A
The new director of UMD's Integrated Life Sciences (ILS) Honors Program gives advice on adaptive resilience and dismantling racism in STEM and across society. MORE
Mazurek Discusses Correlation Between Socioeconomic Status and Cybersecurity Threats
In an article by SC Media, the human-centered security expert provides insight on the relationship between income and susceptibility to cyberattacks. MORE
Levin featured in Digital Privacy News Article on Hacking-for-Hire
The cybersecurity expert describes the economy behind hacking. MORE
Dickerson Describes How OpenAI's GPT-3 Model Can Go Wrong
The machine learning expert explores potential biases with the latest generational model. MORE

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