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QuICS Hosts Two Quantum Cryptography Conferences
Bolstering its reputation as the “Capital of Quantum,” the University of Maryland campus was abuzz with hundreds of quantum cryptography experts attending two major conferences organized by QuICS. MORE
Asgari Receives DOE Early Career Research Award
Bahar Asgari was awarded an $875K grant from the Department of Energy to advance new methods for efficiently scaling scientific computing. MORE
Developing Formal Verification Tools for Quantum Algorithms
QuICS researchers Xiaodi Wu and Yuxiang Peng had their research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. MORE
Deep Learning Expert Haizhao Yang Joins UMIACS
One of the institute's newest affiliate faculty members, the mathematician's research aims to improve predictive data science and scientific computing through deep learning models. MORE
Yizheng Chen Combats Security Threats with AI
New to UMD this semester, the assistant professor of computer science is a core member of the Maryland Cybersecurity Center with a dual appointment in UMIACS. MORE
Center for Medical Innovations in Extended Reality Featured in IEEE Pulse
Lead Site PI Amitabh Varshney discusses how extended reality technologies can improve patient care and medical training. MORE
Research by Perception and Robotics Group Featured on Cover of Science Robotics Magazine
The team’s flying drone—which can perform AI-generated computer vision tasks like dodging dynamic obstacles—graces the cover as a time-lapse image.  MORE
Nourin Awarded Funding to Support Her Work Measuring Censorship in Small Countries
Sadia Nourin has received financial support to continue her research measuring censorship in countries like Turkmenistan, Myanmar, and Yemen. MORE
Novel Quantum Speed Limits Tackle Messy Reality of Disorder
Alexey Gorshkov is working to explore how quickly information can travel through collections of quantum particles. MORE
Interns Navigate Complexities of Health Research
Fourteen undergraduates spent the summer working with CBCB faculty to study the gut microbiome, COVID-19 virus and more. MORE
CBCB Researchers Present Four Papers at Prestigious Algorithms in Bioinformatics Workshop
Their work includes a new algorithm for the parallel construction of suffix arrays, as well as novel computational methods to study the human genome and the evolution of tumors. MORE
Mazurek and Akgul Win Distinguished Paper Award at Security Symposium
The MC2 paper delves into the challenges faced by bug bounty hunters—ethical hackers who discover and report vulnerabilities or bugs to a platform's developer. MORE

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