UMIACS Researchers Develop and Test AI Detector Tools
Soheil Feizi, Furong Huang, Tom Goldstein, and others are publishing groundbreaking studies on the reliability of tools designed to identify
AI-generated text from platforms like ChatGPT. MORE
USM Dedicates Baltimore Building to Rita Rossi Colwell
The Rita Rossi Colwell Center honors the Distinguished University Professor for her renowned research in microbiology and advocacy for women in science and technology. MORE
Researchers Uncover Privacy Risks in Cellphones Purchased at Police Auctions
Led by Dave Levin and his graduate students, the two-year study found that 27% of police-auctioned phones contained personal data. MORE
Building Digital Tools to Combat Misinformation During Crises
New affiliate faculty member Cody Buntain is focused on developing innovative tools to bring more clarity and truth to online media. MORE
Using Machine Learning for Equitable Weather Forecasting in a Changing Climate
Maria Molina and Chris Metzler are improving weather sensors for marginalized communities. MORE
Improving Teaching Instruction with Machine Learning
Funded by the Grand Challenges Grants Program, Wei Ai is developing a machine learning platform for K–12 teachers to improve classroom instruction. MORE
Enhancing Ocular Drug Therapy Through Machine Learning
In a new partnership with Johns Hopkins, CBCB researchers are developing algorithms to improve treatments for patients suffering from chronic eye diseases. MORE
Amitabh Varshney Reappointed as Dean of the College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences
Over the next five years he will continue to expand research initiatives on climate change and artificial intelligence. MORE
Feizi Receives Prestigious Early Career Program Award
The funding will support his efforts to provide a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of provable robustness in dynamic and adaptive learning setups. MORE
Metzler Part of Multi-Institutional Team Exploring New Advances in Optical Imaging
Chris Metzler's research has the potential to make cameras that can “see” through fog, smoke, driving rain, murky water, skin, bone and other media that reflect scattered light. MORE
Mazurek Receives Test of Time Award at IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy
Michelle Mazurek's 2012 paper on a novel, efficient technique for evaluating password strength was recognized at IEEE's flagship security conference for its lasting impact on the field. MORE
MC2 Alum Receives John Karat Award
Kelsey Fulton has been honored with the 2023 John Karat Usable Privacy and Security Student Research Award for their strong leadership and contributions to the field. MORE
MC2 Alum Wins ACM SIGCOMM Dissertation Award
Kevin Bock is being recognized for his algorithm that discovers ways to evade nation-state internet censorship. MORE
Former QuICS Graduate Student Wins Alexander Prize for Dissertation on Quantum Algorithms
Jin-Peng Liu is being recognized for his impressive contributions to the development of quantum algorithms. MORE
QuICS Fellow Nominated for ASPIRE Science Prize
Nicole Yunger Halpern is the 2023 U.S. nominee for the government's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Science Prize. MORE
QuICS Fellow Discusses State of Quantum Computing
In an article published in Connected World, Daniel Gottesman weighed in on the rapid increase of startups and funding to bring fully functional quantum computers online. MORE
Bringewatt Wins Outstanding Graduate Student Award
QuICS' Jacob Bringewatt is being recognized by CMNS for his work in quantum information and quantum computing theory. MORE
AI Snake Oil is Here, and It’s a Distraction, says Daumé
Hal Daumé, the director of the new Institute for Trustworthy AI in Law & Society (TRAILS) was featured in Yahoo! Finance for his take on misleading AI products. MORE
Chellappa and Hajiaghayi Honored by Washington Academy of Sciences
Known as the academy's highest honor, the Distinguished Career Award recognizes regional scientists who have had a significant impact on their respective fields of study. MORE
Cummings Awarded NIH Grant to Inform Malaria Vaccine
Michael Cummings is working to better understand immune responses to malaria so that scientists can develop more effective vaccines. MORE
MC2 Researchers Present Nine Papers at IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy
The papers cover timely topics that have important real-world implications for improving security and privacy. MORE

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