Benefits of Hiring an Interim HR Consultant

If your HR professional leaves, it's natural to scramble to hire a replacement, and you may be pressed to make a hasty decision. A more effective solution may be to bring in an interim HR consultant to manage your human resource functions, and allow you time to take a more measured approach.

Here are some benefits of engaging with an HR consultant rather than going to market to find your next head of HR. 

Fewer hiring barriers
In a competitive job market, you need to move quickly to attract top talent and place them in key positions in the business. However, if you don’t have a competent HR professional for a few weeks or months, recruiting and interviewing may fall to an inexperienced person in your organization or someone who can’t prioritize recruiting because they have responsibilities related to their actual job.

If the primary reason you partner with an outsourced HR consultant is to focus on recruiting, it’s their primary responsibility, and they are able to put their full effort behind recruitment efforts.

No long term commitment
Working with an interim HR consultant is generally not a permanent solution - but it may be a smart one.

For example, you may need someone to ensure HR business continuity while your internal employee goes on leave. Another reason why people often seek interim HR support is their internal resources aren’t skilled in certain areas, so an interim HR consultant is able to work with businesses as to supervise the junior team member, contribute to their learning, and skill them up in HR process development. Then, once the internal resource has gone through
appropriate learning, the interim HR consultant is able to roll off the engagement, having left the organization (and the employee) better than they found it.
Fill employment gaps when needed
As much as you hope your well-performing employees will stay with your organization for a long-time, it is inevitable that some people will leave. Having an interim HR consultant allows a smoother transition. 

An experienced interim HR consultant can bring fresh eyes, make sure critical items don't fall through the cracks, and even help you establish strategies and priorities for your next hire.

Cost-effective and efficient
Working with an outsourced, interim HR consultant provides an overall cost-saving to your business because you’re not paying benefits or payroll tax costs that you would normally have to pay for an internal hire. Also, as your company’s HRs needs change, an external consultant can either increase their hours or reduce their time given the ebb and flow of the employee experience.
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Are You Ready to Hire an Interim HR Consultant?

When your HR Pro quits, who are you going to call?

Your gut may tell you it’s time to fill that vacant position, but it may also be time you partner with an HR consulting firm to serve as your interim HR resource. It’s an innovative, cost-effective, and flexible solution to developing a strong foundation for your human resources function. 

When your HR professional quits, or is on leave, one of the options to consider is interim HR support from Alternative HR, LLC

When you have a vacancy, especially at a senior level, it frequently takes longer than expected to fill the position. The critical work that needs to be done, however, doesn’t stop.

That’s where Alternative HR steps in – providing as-needed, just-in-time HR support to bridge the gap. The firm’s HR consultants are experienced at identifying needs and delivering solutions that will support your entire team, and help assure a smooth transition within your organization.

Interim HR support typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months, and may include on-site or remote assistance. It will always focus on your organization’s highest priority items. 

For more information, contact Alternative HR at 605.335.8198, 888.335.8198, or at

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