Interim Home Learning Update (Week 12)
June 5, 2020
Dear Parents of Clear Water Academy,
My message today is for all of our students and families. As we move into our final week of classes, on behalf of our faculty, I offer to you an encouragement to complete this year with pride. We have been so impressed with the level of engagement from our students as they have embraced the challenge of continuing to learn under difficult and different circumstances. With the implementation of the CWA Interim Home Learning program, there has been a higher level of responsibility placed on our students to adapt and to take more ownership of their learning. From the perspective of our teaching faculty, the students have done their part by showing a determined effort to persevere with their learning. In essence, our students have and are meeting the expectations of “Semper Altius” and of striving always higher, especially during these times. Now, with the final week of classes upon us, I implore all students to finish the year with their absolute best effort and to be proud of what they have accomplished. 


Darren Forrester
Head of School
" He is always with you, be always with Him, through all your actions, in your sufferings, when your body is exhausted, remain in His sight, see Him present, living in your soul." - St. Elizabeth of the Trinity