This Week at Ascension + July 6, 2022

"Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." - Psalm 96
Tonight, July 6, 2022
Commemoration of
The First Book of Common Prayer

Evening Prayer at 6:00 p.m. via ZOOM

In-person and Live-streamed Said Mass at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

The Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer via ZOOM

9:00 a.m. In-person Sung Mass
with Organ and Hymns

11:00 a.m. In-person & Live-streamed
Solemn High Mass

Image: The Good Samaritan, Vincent van Gogh, 1890

On this Second Sunday of the month, the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary will be prayed at the Shrine of Saint Mary the Virgin immediately following the 11 a.m. Solemn High Mass. All are welcome to participate.

From the Interim Rector
It has been a horrific start of July in Chicagoland.

Since 1 July, 100 people have been shot in the city of Chicago. Seventeen of those have died. 

On Independence Day, at least 45 people were shot, seven of those have died. This was the 309th mass shooting for 2022.

We like to think it doesn’t happen here. We like to think it’s someone else’s problem. It is not, on either count. From where I stand, the polarization of secular shouting keeps getting worse. (We can’t call it dialogue, because no one seems to be listening!)

We will hold up the names of those who died in Highland Park and we’ll hold up their families. Shouldn’t we also hold up all those who have been shot? If we do, the Prayers of the People would probably take twice as long. If we do, maybe we wouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that it’s someone else’s problem or that it doesn’t happen here.

I've had it with the disingenuous “Thoughts and prayers” mantra that gets pushed out whenever something bad happens. Because of the number and frequency of them, these incidents drown out the conversation we need to have: to talk about the racism, poverty, and systemic subjugation that are the root causes. Without that conversation we will continue to roll from one act of gun violence to another, from one mass shooting to another.

So, what do we do? We must take up meaningful work toward dismantling racism; it is learned, so we can bring it to an end. We must make work of eliminating the barriers that prevent people from escaping from poverty by providing education, support, and assistance. We must do everything in our power to show others that loving our neighbor is the only way that we can change our world.

A Pharisee asked Jesus, “Teacher, which commandment in the law is the greatest?” He said to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” – Matthew 22:36-39

It always comes back to this. The problem we seem to have is not recognizing who our neighbors are. 

—Fr. Heard

Requiescat in pace
The Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of
Ricardo Antonio Avila
will be Friday, July 8, 2022 at 11 a.m.
at Church of the Ascension.
Committal will follow in the columbarium.

Requiescat in pace
The Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of
The Rev. Wilton H. Bunch, MD. PhD., Priest,
will be Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 11 a.m.
at Church of the Ascension.
Committal will follow in the columbarium.
The Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen will preside.

Requiescat in pace
Funeral arrangements for Michael Paul Clark, Sr. are still pending at this time.
Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon them. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Acolytes Needed
Please welcome to the altar Vicky Dvonch, Ken Kelling, and David Robertson. We are so thankful for your willingness to serve. Such service is an offering to both God and our community. 

I continue to urge you to discern whether you’re experiencing a calling to serve as an acolyte or tech minister. Giving it a try one Sunday does not commit you to a lifetime of torch bearing, though, you may find that it’s a ministry God has been calling you to. Please reach out to our Verger MB Hwang ( to find out how you can respond to that call.

—Mtr. Murphy-Gill
Episcopal Relief and Development
We received this note of thanks concerning a contribution
the Vestry designated for the Ukraine Crisis Response Fund
and thought we would share it with you.

Dear Father Heard, 
Thank you and everyone at the Church of the Ascension for the generous donation to Episcopal Relief and Development’s Ukraine Crisis Response Fund. We could not do the work we do without the support of Episcopalians and congregations, and we are truly grateful. Please pass along our thanks to the congregation. 

Josephine Hicks
Vice President, Episcopal Church Programs
Episcopal Relief & Development.
From the Rector Search Committee


As you read in last week’s TWAA, the CAT survey results are in! And although the CAT survey yielded valuable statistics about who we are and what we would like in the next rector, the Search Committee would like to hear from you personally. We will form small groups to discuss our identity and who might be the best person to govern and serve as our next rector.

Some groups will meet in person and some groups will meet on-line. You will be able to choose which format you prefer. Sign-up sheets will be available this coming Sunday in Wheeler Hall. We tried to offer a wide array of times, but if none of these times work, do let us know. We will try to accommodate you, if possible. If you are unable to sign up in person at church, please contact Cynthia Perrizo at so she can sign you up with an on-line group. We do want everyone’s participation.

If you would like to know more about the survey results, we will arrange for you to meet with one of the Search Committee members. Contact Cynthia Perrizo at

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia Perrizo, co-chair Rector Search Committee
David Schrader, co-chair, Rector Search Committee

Upcoming Events
Pastoral Listening Sessions Conclude on Sunday, July 10

Join Fr. Petite at 1 p.m. in St. Michael Hall, Sunday, July 10, for the last in his series on learning pastoral listening skills. This last session will cover two topics:
  • Feelings as Messengers: The Suffering is not your Problem to Solve
  • Prayer: Entering the Canopy of Vulnerability 

Prayer Requests
Do you have a need for special prayer in your life? Whether your prayer needs are because you have an upcoming surgery, an ill family member, or you’re just feeling particularly lonely lately, Fr. Heard and Mtr. Murphy-Gill would like to know.

We’ve created a way for letting us know about your requests for prayers in a way we hope makes it easy for you to reach out, though you can always call the church or reach out to one of the priests personally. 

Contribute to This Week at Ascension

If you would like to include an announcement in our weekly newsletter, please email your contribution to by Monday at noon. Include a photo if you can! 

Organ and Choral Repertoire for July 10, 2022
Sonata for Chester Cathedral [1885]
J. Frederick Bridge (1844-1924)
I. Allegro moderato; II. Andante
At the Entrance Procession
475 TYSK
At the Offertory
At the Communion
660 MARYTON (9 a.m.)
703 SONG 22 (11 a.m.)
At the Retiring Procession
Sonata for Chester Cathedral [1885]
J. Frederick Bridge
III. Andante maestoso; Allegro

Mass Setting
White/Powell Congregational

Offertory Motet
Johann Caspar Aiblinger (1779-1867)
Ad te levavi
Communion Motet
Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
O salutaris Hostia

Chanted Mass Propers from the Graduale Romanum

Between Masses, please don’t forget that The Choir of the Ascension has recorded upwards of 60 tracks that you can listen to anywhere you have an internet connection. They can be found here:
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Weekly Ascension Schedule

For connections:
via Zoom (click here)

8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer via Zoom
9:00 a.m. In-person Sung Mass
11:00 a.m. In-person and Live-Streamed Solemn High Mass

7:30 A.M. Morning Prayer via FACEBOOK LIVE
6:00 p.m. Evening Prayer via Zoom

6:30 p.m. Said Mass
For our prayers: Deacon Charles Farrell, Pablo Illás, Victor Fernandez, Joyce Avila, LaVerne Saunders, Ted Saunders, August ‘Augie’ Alonzo, Beth Hall, Sue Lenz,
Brenda Martins, Claire Green, Lee Gould, Gertrude Isaac, Marty Stenson,
Paula Clark (Bishop-elect)
Birthdays: Gary MacDougal, 7/3; Albie Gill, 7/3; Jahari Sean Moore, 7/4;
William Ford, 7/5; Judy Di Zhao, 7/6

Requiescat in pace: Frederick Farrell, 6/25/2022; Michael Paul Clark, Sr., 6/20/2022;
Ricardo Avila, 6/16/2022; Doris Mae Horne, 7/6/1980; Raymond E. Harkness, 7/8/1995; Arthur Ritchie, Priest, 9th Rector, 7/9/1921; David Knitter, 7/9/2018

Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them;
May their souls and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

The Rev. Thomas Heard, Interim Rector

The Rev. Meghan Murphy-Gill, Curate

Susan Schlough, Treasurer

Br. Nathanael Deward Rahm BSG, Parish Office
Vestry of Church of the Ascension
Ken Kelling, Sr. Warden; LaVerne Rollé Saunders, Jr. Warden;
Ian Barillas-McEntee, Jim Lo Bello, Ken Cozette, Marlea Edinger, Sean Hansen, George Pineda, Joshua Simpson, Sam Sommers, Enrique Vilaseco, Vestry
Approved minutes of Vestry meetings are always available online to parishioners who request the link. If you would like Internet access to these Vestry Minutes, please email the Parish Office and request the link. Once you access the web page, you can read all recent Vestry meeting minutes.
The link remains live indefinitely. Any parishioner who has the link will not need to request a new link from month to month.