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February 2016



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Interior Accessory Windows
When existing windows are weather-tight, and ventilation unnecessary, Wausau's SEALâ„¢ interior accessory windows (IAWs) can improve S ound, E nergy, A ir and L ight control - economically, and with a minimum of occupant disruption.
  • 1297 Series SEAL windows feature minimal frame depth to fit within existing window frame openings 
  • Side-hinged access doors with custodial locks 
  • 5/8" or 1" between-glass blinds available with slip-clutch tilt control knob and concealed raise-lower controls 
  • Mitered, extruded aluminum frame construction; corner-blocked, tubular vents 
  • Dual-glazed 2500 Series ICU windows provide for observation and privacy 
  • Drop tested 2187-DT Series windows accept secure glazing, ideal for adaptive re-use 
  • IAWs also are used as a curtainwall and storefront add-on for integral blinds or enhanced performance  
SEAL windows can be factory-fitted with virtually maintenance-free, optional, between-glass blinds , reducing solar heat gain, while offering occupant daylight control and privacy. Blinds are protected, and may not need to be sterilized upon change in patient room occupancy. Occupant tilt control is provided with a slip-clutch feature to avoid damage by visitors. Concealed raise-lower cords enhance uniformity of exterior appearance to avoid the checkerboard effect of window coverings in various states.
Hinged interior access doors employ Allen locks for custodial access, in case occasional cleaning is necessary. Frequency of cleaning depends on interior conditions and differential pressure.
Wausau recommends that a representative sample of a SEAL IAW be provided in situ, at least one seasonal cycle prior to installation. This will allow building occupants, facility staff and the design team an opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of the IAWs, and to verify the suitability of operation, maintenance, existing glass type(s) and surrounding conditions.
Internal fogging, venting strategy, wind pressures and thermal stress induced in existing annealed glass are of particular concern. The venerable Canadian Building Digest Issue #5, "Condensation between Panes of Double Windows," May 1960 , is the primer for control of between-glass fogging.
The National Park Service's Tech Notes Number 5 - Windows , offers a case study in historical preservation of the Old Watkins National Bank in Lawrence, Kansas, using IAWs. As is the case on many historic buildings, IAWs were an ideal choice to meet these specific requirements.
"The monumental burly pine [existing] windows are elegantly detailed on the interior and contribute to the grandeur of the spacious banking rooms. The original interior shutters are still being used for comfort and light control.
The numerous problems with exterior storm windows encountered in this project led to consideration of an interior storm system".
Drop-tested 2187-DT Series SEAL windows help address a nationwide need for more behavioral care beds.  Non-disruptive glazing upgrades can facilitate the conversion of hospital space to a more secure environment. These IAWs help ensure security by resisting 1,500 to 2,000 foot-pounds of interior human impact. Using large vision windows for views and a positive psychological connection with the outdoors supports a home-like and safe therapeutic environment.
Appropriate minimum requirements depend on the application, occupancy, level of supervision and other project-specific parameters. Standard features of the 2187-DT Series SEAL windows include anti-ligature hardware, resistance to pica behavior, impact-resistance and tamper-resistant hardware.
Wausau provides a general framework for design teams to develop an appropriate behavioral care window test regimen.
If you would like to explore interior accessory windows for specific projects in detail, Wausau's market managers are available for architectural support and can be reached at education@wausauwindow.com, healthcare@wausauwindow.com, office@wausauwindow.com, government@wausauwindow.com.

Featured Project   
Location: Brown Deer, WI
Architect: TWP Architecture, Elm Grove, WI
Product(s) Used: SEALâ„¢