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Interior Design furniture trends
from the other side of the world
I've just got back from a wonderful family holiday in New Zealand and, over the next few weeks, I thought I'd share with you just some of the interior design trends that are happening the other side of the world.

Today I'd like to share with you just some of the furniture trends that I spotted across New Zealand.

Just like here in the UK, there's a love of neutral tones with beige, cream and brown being very popular. As in the UK, to prevent a room from becoming a bland beige box, texture is incorporated with a bit of shabby chic. This provides a natural, relaxed and lived-in look to any room.

(neutral furniture)

If it's texture you love, then New Zealand furniture has it in abundance. Everywhere I went there was a mixture of pattern, texture and colour which appeared to be more popular than the neutral beige style.

(textured furniture)

Alongside colourful fabric chairs there was also a collection of textured wooden furniture. Some was similar to the UK with the mismatched drawers in a sideboard, but other pieces focused on different grains or colours of wood combined into a single piece of furniture, eg: dining table.

(wooden furniture)

Contrasting the wooden furniture was metal industrial or retro pieces in the most wonderful colours.
(metal furniture)
But, the main difference to interior design furniture between the two countries, was the outdoor furniture. With a gorgeous outdoor lifestyle, New Zealand outside furniture focused on total relaxation... particularly with a beach thrown into the mix... #gorgeous.

I particularly loved this beach bath where you light a fire underneath the bath, jump in and enjoy the sunset.

Next week I'll share with you more interior design delights from my holiday to the other side of the world.
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Furniture Trends from the other side of the world
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