Volunteer Newsletter
December 2017
Director's Corner
Fun Giveaway!   
As a newsletter kickoff, we have we are holding a special drawing.  Just call or email during the month of December and let us know what you think about our newsletter in order to be entered in a drawing for a free car wash from Splash or a lunch from Sonic Drive-In . We will be announcing the winner(s) the first week of the New Year. 
In January 2016, I began my Interlink journey. Each day I look forward to making our mission a reality for the people we serve.   As I get ready to hit my two-year mark,
I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on how Interlink has fulfilled its mission with the accomplishments below- achievements YOU made possible!
·         Increased Transportation Services : In 2015 Interlink reported 5,667 rides; that grew to 6,750 in 2016. This is a 16% increase in the number of rides. In order to effectively schedule rides and generate the reports necessary for our transportation contractors, such as Idaho Area Agency on Aging and Washington Aging & Long Term Care, we researched, identified funding, and implemented our new scheduling cloud-based platform. 
·         Increased Wheelchair Ramp Services:  Due to a partnership with Disability Action Center (DAC) , Interlink now is installing aluminum ramps for hospice and rehabilitation requests. This will allow us to double the number of ramps we install annually from 12 ramps in 2015 to 24 ramps anticipated in 2017.
·         Increased Visibility: In 2016, we increased the number of our Facebook friends from just over 300 to over 800 and published our first annual report. In 2017, we launched a new and informative website and published our second annual report.
·         Increased Leadership : Over the last two years, we have increased the size of our board of directors from 6 to 12 members. 
As 2017 comes to a close, please join me in celebrating the amazing ways YOU are making a difference in YOUR community! On behalf of the Interlink Board of Directors and staff, we THANK YOU for your service!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year!
All my best,
Transportation Corner
My grandfather used to always say, "You never know how your actions may affect another person." This concept has traveled with me through the years and recently found new light here at Interlink. Serving as Transportation Coordinator this year has given me a neat opportunity & perspective to see some of the ripples that Interlink volunteers create.  Giving a ride here and there can seem like such a small favor but it is really not small at all. The indirect impact of the kindness required to perform these favors leaves gentle hints of fruitful behavior in its wake. And though we cannot tabulate or quantify the ripples or the hints they certainly stack up and begin to become overwhelming.  
  Many of us have experienced when a client is nervous about an upcoming test or diagnosis, or how people light up when they share stories about their family or a passion they have.  One thing you may not have noticed, though, is how much you have impacted us here at the office. 
 The love and patience that I get to see on a daily basis shines through uniquely in

all the different volunteer personalities. It is invigorating to be a part of!   It makes me proud to be involved in such a great community of people. And it makes me excited to continue learning how to emulate the serving attitudes and where I might fit into that.   Thank you to all the drivers for leading by example and continually serving even in the moments that do not seem quite so shiny and fun.  You are the people that bring hope.
Volunteers are the heart of Interlink...
Welcome to our new volunteers...
Paulette Brusseau- driver and special events
Sharon Delong- driver and newsletter
Monica Johnson- driver
Sandi McGee- driver
Jennifer Menegas- board member
Sonya Moss- driver
Jennifer Norton- driver 
Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Moss
I have been a volunteer driver at Interlink for 3 to 4 years. I started out wanting to help my friend, Ray, but found I like giving back to the community. I like being able to help others. Meeting new people or helping someone I know is fun. I enjoy seeing and visiting with them and having the opportunity to help them out for a few minutes each time I drive. 
What our Clients Have to Say
Making a difference...
The volunteers are devoted and faithful. They offer assistance to those of us in need. Their services are very much appreciated. I think of them as earth angels who unselfishly devote themselves to take care of others who need help. For example, I can no longer drive due to macular degeneration and without their help, I could no longer keep my appointments. Thanks to you who volunteer! Ben B.- Clarkston, WA
Upcoming events and important Dates
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