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Control Chatter                                                   March 2020
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Where are the voices of telecoms companies on anti-corruption?
How Internal Fraud Could Hit Your Loyalty Program
To fight fraud, manage culture
How to Prevent RPA from Messing With Internal Controls
No Ghost Should Collect Salary In Nigeria
Sweden's...Swedbank...receives a fine of EUR 360 million
What happens if something really does break the internet?
Firms urged to be prepared for new corruption law

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The Internal Control Institute™ (ICI) improves organizational Internal Control worldwide by providing training, products and services and individual Professional Certifications recognized internationally. The Institute's Board of Advisors has determined it would like to further expand into areas where it is not directly represented. ICI provides world-class programs and its intellectual property to affiliates free of charge and shares all program revenue with them. If your organization is interested in partnering with ICI to earn revenue while you contribute to the development of the internal control profession worldwide please contact Dr. Michael Pregmon, Jr., Chief Operations Officer, by email at:  or by phone at  727-538-4113   in the USA. 
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The Internal Control Institute has developed a CICS Common Body of Knowledge Mini-Assessment that helps an individual determine their knowledge as it relates to governance and control practices. Results point out areas of knowledge that may require additional training and experience. The assessment also provides a measurement to the individual's readiness for CICS certification. The assessment measures core knowledge in eight critical areas including: Internal Control - Principles, Terms and Concepts, Internal Control Environment, Risk Management, Assessing Application Controls, Business System Control Assessment, Risk Assessment, Internal Control Measurement and Reporting, and Governance Practices
 Internal Control online courses
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The ICI "Certification Series" has been completely updated and is available online to everyone around the world!  Course content prepares individuals to design and/or assess internal control and to assist management in installing internal control processes. In addition, the series prepares candidates for the Certified Internal Control Specialist (CICS) Examination.
To review the course catalog click here: ICI Course Catalog
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Online course pricing has been reduced by over 70% 
Internal Control Certification On-Line
By Michael Pregmon, Jr., Ph.D., CICP
COO and Managing Director
Dr. Michael Pregmon, Jr.
COO and Managing Director 
For the past several months, in this space, we have been covering the essentials of an effective business plan. Because of the ensuing concern internationally with the coronavirus, we will interrupt this series and continue it next month. This information is presented below because of the numerous inquiries recently received.

Important Internal Control Certification Information    

Almost all of the Institute's worldwide partner/affiliates offer internal control training programs in a classroom/seminar setting. And, most of these training courses are conducted in the native language. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, countries are increasingly discouraging, and in some cases prohibiting, group assemblies, seminars, conferences, conventions and convocations, etc. Further, many companies are asking their employees to stay at home and away from crowds. This is unusual but it provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to take advantage of on-line training.
Many of ICI's partner/affiliates maintain websites that offer internal control certification training and testing. And, these are usually provided in the native language too. A list of the Institute's worldwide affiliates is included in this newsletter. Each affiliate listed has a contact person for information. Please feel free to get in touch with that individual to determine the availability of online internal control certification training in your preferred language.
Alternately, the Institute has internal control certification training available online. However, this training is available only in the English language. All courses and the examination can be accessed online. Additionally, the Internal Control Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) is also available digitally. This is the source for the internal control certification examination. 

Detailed information about obtaining certification is available at:
Information about online courses available is at: 

We encourage you to take advantage of the potential time availability resulting from the current environment and social restrictions.
And, Be Safe!
ICI Affiliate News :

The Internal Control Institute is conducting certification training in a classroom format for the internationally recognized CICS (Certified Internal Control Specialist) certification in internal control. Information on these programs regarding dates and schedules can be found on the Events tab on our Website or directed to the affiliate named below:

ICI has entered into an agreement with Internal Control Institute of Botswana (ICI Botswana":) as its representative for Products, Services and Internal Control Certifications (CICS/CICP) in this territory. ICI Botswana will be responsible for all development activities in this area, including professional training and Certification.  Individuals or companies interested in internal control training or Certification should contact:
Contact: Humphrey Chawafambira

Training Plans :
Rio de Janeiro - 4 to 8 of May
Brasília - 25 to 29 of May
Porto Alegre - 15 to 19 of June
Curitiba - 29 of June to 03 of July

For more details on planned training please on the website below, or send a message to Mr. Eduardo Person Pardini. Email:

The CICS training courses originally scheduled to be held in Hangzhou and Beijing in March this year a re postponed to 18-21 June, 2020.   Online CICS training and exams will still be conducted.

Individuals or companies interested in inter nal control training and Certification should contact:  
Mr. Qiu Jianting
Room 1039, Block A, Jinmao Building, No. 18, 
Xizhimenwai Street,
Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Zip Code: 100044
Mobile phone: 13810588109


Training Plans :

ICI Belgium has  started the CICS session in French with 22 participants.
Next sessions are planned in Brussels:
  • Dutch: October 2nd 2020
  • French : January 2021
For more information on scheduled training and exams please contact Mr.Yves Dupont of ICI Belgium at: 
For more information on upcoming activities in this area please contact Mr. Summit Goyal of  ICI India at :
Phone: +91 9810575613

Myanmar and Cambodia:
Better Business Governance - APAC PTE LTD (BBG) has become a representative for Products, Services and Internal Control Certifications (CICS/CICP) in Myanmar and Cambodia.  Better Business Governance will be responsible for all development activities, including professional training and Certification.  For more information on upcoming activities in this area please contact:
Better Business Governance
Mr. Sanjeev Gathani
1 Claymore Drive
#08-14, Orchard Towers (Rear Block)
Singapore 229594
For more information on upcoming activities in this area please contact the following:
Antonio Salas Hernandez CICP,  Email: 
Joaquin Prendes Herrera, Email: 

Middle East:
The CICS exam is now being  provided in Arabic.  Osool Training and Consulting has courses and testing available in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Muscat, Sudan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Palestine. 

Training Plans: 

5 - 9 April 2020 - Cairo, Egypt
12 - 16 April 2020 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
7 - 10 June 2020 - Ramallah, Palestine
21 - 24 June 2020 - Cairo, Egypt

Interested applicants in the region should contact Osool for scheduling for future programs.  For additional information on scheduled ICI Certification and program sessions, please contact:
Lina Salameh
Assistant General Manager
O SOOL for Training & Consulting
Mob Oman:  +968 95 98 98 20
Mob Jordan: +962 7 99589666
Tel:   +962 6 5927171 Ext. 107
Fax:  +962 6 5927172

Leadway Consulting conducts CICS training sessions and examinations in Nigeria. For more information on upcoming activities in Nigeria  please contact:
Mr.  Joel Aluko


For more information on activities in Pakistan individuals or companies should contact : Muhammad Farooq Hammodi


ICI Romania is planning a CICS course session on October 5 - 7, 2020 and an examination on November 9, 2020.

For more information on activities in Romania contact : 
Cosmin Serbanescu at the National Institute for Internal Control in Romania.
Tel:  + 40 752 525 525


Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan China:
ICI has entered into an agreement with GRC Consultancy Pte Ltd. (ICI Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan) as its representative for Products, Services and Internal Control Certifications (CICS/CICP) in those territories.  

Individuals or companies interested in internal control training or Certification should contact:
General enquiries for all 4 markets -
Singapore - Mr. Bob Seetoh -
MalaysiaMr. Melvin
IndonesiaMr. Melvin Beh -
Taiwan China - Mr. Bob Seetoh -


ICI has entered into an agreement with  Business and Financial Consulting  company in  the Republic of Tunisia  (hereinafter referred to as "ICI BFC"  as its representative for Products, Services and Internal Control Certifications (CICS/CICP) in the Republic of Tunisia ICI BFC will be responsible for all development activities in this area, including professional training and Certification.  Individuals or companies interested in internal control training or Certification should contact:
Contact: Nadia Yaich


For more information on activities being planned please contact:

Ms. Ilknur Tunc,  VP -
Dr. Bertan Kaya -
GOP Mahallesi, İran Caddesi, Karum İs Merkezi
No:21, D Blok, 4. Kat, D:398-399
+90 (312) 4425015 T
+90 (533) 4474444 D
Training Plan:
Course name
start day
4 days
On Saturday and Sunday
am - 12:00 am
pm - 17:00 pm
For more information on upcoming activities in Vietnam please contact: NGUYEN THANH TUNG (MBA. M.Eng, PhD.) Director, FMIT Institute of Financial Management & Information Technology,  Level 5 , 126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC, Viet Nam
Office: 848 3803 5020 - 848 3512 9371 - 848 3512 7652

The Internal Control Institute Of Zimbabwe will be running CICS Classes on the following dates:    
         23-26 June     2020
         27-30 October 2020
                                  8-11   December 2020

For more information on activities being planned please contact:
Dr. Proctor Nyemba at:
Internal Control Chatter  
Each month the staff of The Internal Control Institute reviews hundreds of articles related to Internal Control and Corporate Governance. Here are brief summaries of some of the top articles (along with links to the original article) that may be of interest to you.
Where are the voices of telecoms companies on anti-corruption?
The FCPA Blog recently published the  Top 40  FCPA penalties of all time. If you look at the companies that paid the largest penalties, you'll see that four of the top ten are telecom companies: Ericsson and Telia (both from Sweden), Mobile TeleSystems (Russia), and Vimpelcom (Netherlands). These four companies paid a collective $3.67 billion for their resolutions with the DOJ and SEC.  As enthusiasts for the (usually) good intentions of Scandinavian citizens, we found it hard to credit that several generations of company leaders at Ericsson and Telia were knowingly and persistently exposing their companies to the risks involved in breaking the law. But the DOJ  release  was unequivocal, "Ericsson's corrupt conduct involved high-level executives and spanned 17 years and at least five countries, all in a misguided effort to increase profits."
How Internal Fraud Could Hit Your Loyalty Program: What to Look Out For
by Bill Byrne
March 12, 2020
From airlines to zoos, organizations continue to strategically leverage rewards and loyalty programs to win over and retain customers. There are many organizational benefits to the implementation and management of loyalty programs; however, the advantages gained from such programs will be lost if fraud risks are not effectively managed. This blog post is part one of a two-part series on loyalty program fraud. It addresses two types of internal fraudsters: customers and insiders. Please check back next week for the second part, which will cover external frauds involving cyber-criminal activity.
To fight fraud, manage culture
By Drew Adamek
March 12, 2020
 Organisational culture plays a key role in enabling detection, mitigation, and prevention of financial fraud and misconduct, but leaders need to be active in assessing and shaping internal culture, according to a new study by the Anti-Fraud Collaboration.
The study, released Tuesday, found that "[a] proactive approach to culture can deter various types of misconduct and promote behaviours that enhance morale and productivity". The study found that a strong, ethical culture can act as a bulwark against the pressure of the "fraud triangle" of opportunity, pressure, and rationalisation that often leads to fraud and corruption.
Read The Article
How to Prevent RPA from Messing With Internal Controls
March 23, 2020
One of the  key benefits  of implementing robotic process automation (RPA) is the ability to quickly launch automated processes in limited scope while standardizing the processes as you go. But rapid deployment also presents several potential risks for Sarbanes-Oxley project management teams to assess and monitor.  Gartner's  Future of Finance  research recently identified RPA as putting internal controls at risk, as a rush to adoption has created risk management blind spots. Accountability and governance throughout the RPA lifecycle are essential for mitigating fraud and maintaining effective controls. Further, not having a clear enterprise-wide structure for roles and responsibilities on an RPA team risks leaving gaps in qualifications for the people completing the duties and providing the oversight that RPA requires.
Read the Article
No Ghost Should Collect Salary In Nigeria
March 23, 2020
The recent disturbing disclosure by the minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Zainab  Ahmed, that the federal government had unearthed about  70,000 ghost workers on the payroll of the federal civil service calls for stringent measures and actions from government authorities concerned. The finance minister made the disclosure during a management retreat held for treasury directors of finance, accountants and directors internal audit of government ministries, department and agencies (MDAs).  According to her, this huge number of fake and non-existent workers whose salaries and allowances are nevertheless promptly paid was discovered through the instrumentality of the federal government-introduced automated payroll apparatus called the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS).
March 20, 2020
At the same time, the bank notes the conclusions of the bank's supervisors in Sweden and Estonia about historic problems with Swedbank's internal control system and management are in line with the bank's previous conclusions. Swedbank will pay the EUR 360 million fine to the Swedish regulator. Regulators in Sweden and Estonia have requested the bank to continue improving money laundering and terrorism financing risk prevention, determination and analysis capabilities, as well as improve organizational structure and increase accessible resources. The investigation in Sweden concluded that Swedbank has had serious problems with money laundering risk management in its Baltic branch offices. The bank's awareness of money laundering and processes, methods and control systems was insufficient. Operations in Baltic States were not applied with adequate resources to fight money laundering, as mentioned in the inspection.
What happens if something really does break the internet?
By Joe McGrath.
March 2020
Back in 2013 Amazon suffered an internet outage. It cost the e-commerce giant some £2m in lost sales and a 40% drop in web traffic. But this outage did not last weeks or even hours. It lasted just 30 minutes. Today, most UK companies are reliant on internet and mobile service providers for the smooth running of their businesses. But the digital infrastructures many organisations depend on are extremely vulnerable to collapse. Even in 2020 - 46 years after Telenet, the first internet service provider (ISP), was created - telecommunications networks can still black out for a whole host of reasons, be it electrical power outages, bad weather, damage to cables and infrastructure, human error, or network changes and upgrades. All can have a devastating effect on business, causing significant disruption and damage to profitability, brand reputation and morale. 
Firms urged to be prepared for new corruption law
March 18, 2020 
AS June 1 draws near, many Malaysian businesses are still unprepared for the implementation of Section 17A of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) Act 2018 - a new law that would make directors and senior management liable for the actions of their company if it is involved in bribery.  PwC's Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey on Malaysia, which was released last Wednesday, found that only 49% of its respondents have a dedicated programme to address bribery and corruption while 32% expect to increase resources to combat fraud, corruption and economic crime in the next two years. The rest state that they do not know if they need to increase their resources.  PwC partner and forensic services and risk consulting leader Alex Tan says the numbers do not sound positive for Malaysian business, as only half of businesses are ready.
Control Quotes
"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."
George Orwell, 1984
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