March 2013                                                                        Volume 1 | Issue 1
Patient-Centered Teaching.
                       Patient-Centered Research.
                                                Patient-Centered Care.
From the Desk of Dr. Sinnott...

For the last 70 days the DOIM has been engaged in developing an asset map, organizational chart, tracking the ebb and flow of our departmental activities and putting names with faces. The way we manage this transition period is critical for the Department because of decreased funding, increased complexity of care, and more difficulty in securing research support. We paradoxically find ourselves trying to grow while becoming more efficient. This growth will be apparent by counting the number of new faculty, the volume of contracts, and the number of grants and publications submitted. In a more subtle way we will be ensuring intellectual growth for faculty as well as staff and trainees.


The fundamental science of medicine is changing and we are responding with enhanced internal medicine grand rounds, more scholarly morning reports, and a renewed emphasis on research efforts. Our mission- the reason the DOIM exists, and our vision - what we want to become, will be shaped by your responses to the faculty and staff survey, the Dean's charge to the Chair and managing the Chair's assessments, and crystallized at a division directors' retreat at the end of April. Our mission and vision will inspire our group of outstanding faculty and will bridge our present to our future. Enjoy our newsletter and derive satisfaction from the key role you as faculty and staff play as we become patient centered in teaching, patient centered in research and patient centered in care.





John T Sinnott MD FACP
Department of Internal Medicine
In each issue, I will highlight top five achievements in the time between internal newsletters. Here are some successes to celebrate:


(1) Dr. Charles Edwards was instrumental in building support at USF and TGH to expand the hospitalist program. This will increase our number of consultations, enable us to provide higher quality of care to our patients, and care for a greater number of patients.


(2) Dr. Daniel Haight, Professor in the Division of Infectious Disease & International Medicine, has been named Vice President of Lakeland Regional Medical Center. This will streamline residency development in Polk County and create a strong affiliation with LRMC.


(3) Dr. John Carter was instrumental in the recruitment of Yih Chang Chen Lin, MD from Cleveland Clinic. This will increase the number of rheumatologists and further the research goals of the Department.

(4) Added one new categorical resident, one new preliminary position and one new ID fellow. Special thank you to Drs. Cuc Mai and John Greene for making this happen.

(5) Launching an oncology service at TGH with 3 Henry Lee Moffitt attendings and a USF attending. This demonstrates the capacity for a three-way partnership with TGH, USF and Moffitt, maximizing patient benefits.

TopInside This Issue...
Patient-Centered Teaching
Each newsletter we will spotlight a different faculty member. Dr. Hussain Saba has made some great strides during his tenure with the DOIM. More about Dr. Saba.
Patient-Centered Research
Our faculty and researchers work on cutting edge research that will enhance the future of medicine.
Patient-Centered Care
All of our activities should be patient centered. Candice Mateja, DO, has a classic example of what patient-centered care is all about!  Learn more.

Star Staff Spotlight
With each newsletter we will highlight a star staff member who went above and beyond. This month's goes to Darlene Stanley.
Important Dates & Info
We have many graduation and commencement activities in the coming months and other major announcements. Learn more.
IM Cares
This month we rolled out a new initiative where medical students conducted Blood Pressure checks. Learn more
Communication Updates!
The DOIM has revamped its web pages, begun recording grand rounds, and has more exciting developments to share. Learn more.
Personal Growth & Professional Enrichment
We have begun to offer enrichment seminars and opportunities to share your thoughts with the Chairman. Click here to learn more.
Resident Elected to ACP Council Leadership
Keely Fischbach, MD, ACP to serve a two-year term as region representative of the American College of Physician's Council of Resident/Fellow Members. Learn more.
MCOM Annual Awards Ceremony

Thurs. May 9th 3:00pm LVHN Auditorium

Commencement Dinner
Thurs. May 9th 6:30pm Hilton Tampa Downtown
Commencement Ceremony 
Fri May 10th @ 10am - Carol Morsani Hall at Straz Center
Wear a gown if possible
Internal Medicine Resident & Fellow Graduation Ceremony
Thurs. June 6th @ 4:00pm - USF Embassy Suites
Dress: Business Casual
Fill out COI interest inventories prior to grant submissions. COIs are required for anyone who will be listed on your grant budgets. We ask that everyone fill this out by doing the following:
1. Regsiter for an ARC (Applications for Research Compliance) account here
2. Once logged in, go to the very last link on the left side of the main ARC page 'New COI Inventory'
If you have any questions, please contact Dena Clark, or call (813) 974-9304.
Are you ready for some kickball? - Join the DOIM KickballTeam!
 USF's Annual Faculty & Staff Kickball Event - Saturday April 6th
Interested in playing on the DOIM kickball team?
Games will start 9am, food will be served at 11am. Fun for the whole family. There will be entertainment, kids' activities, food and drinks!
We have to register our team by March 28th - If you are interested in being on the DOIM team, please contact Kristy Andre, or call (813) 974-4067. 
In the first week of March Michael Cameron, MSIII and Jae Chung, MSIII started a new initiative "Internal Medicine Cares". This demonstrates concern for our employees and their health. All data is entered into Styx. Through the project the students screened 66 employees at FOB, Morsani, MDC, 17 Davis, TGH and VA. Of the 77 offered the blood pressure screening:
- 6 declined
- 8 were referred to GIM or Nephrology, of which:
        - 3 were hypertensive (H 190/95  L155/100)
        - 5 were pre-hypertensive (H 138/80 L 135/85)
In the coming months we will be offering BMI screening, neck measurement for obstructive airway disease, and vision screening
Michael Cameron and Jae Chung demonstrated that simple intervention makes a big difference.
 As a result of interest expressed and the Department's commitment to personal growth, we have begun to host enrichment seminars.

Our first enrichment seminar will focus on financial planning by Kathleen Rehl, PhD of Rehl Financial Advisors. She will educate us on choosing a financial advisor. I encourage you to attend and RSVP promptly. This seminar is open to all faculty, residents and staff with a vested interest in learning how to sustain financial security for yourself and family. Dr. Rehl will discuss the importance of retaining a personal advisor rather than buying pre-packaged economic bundles or simply trading stocks.


The seminar will be held on Wednesday, April 24th at 6pm, tentatively at TGH. Dinner will be provided. 


To RSVP email or call (813) 974-3594.

Chattin' with the Chairman: Faculty Focus Groups 
There will be various opportunities for faculty and staff to meet with Dr. Sinnott and provide suggestions for improving our department. This month we will begin by inviting different faculty members from across the DOIM to meet with Dr. Sinnott. Brief update on the state of the department and you all can ask questions you may have.
The first meeting with be at TGH on Wednesday April 10th 5:00pm. If you would like to participate, please email
Resident Recognition: Rising to the Occasion
ACP USF DOIM Resident Selected as Regional Representative of ACP Council  
Congratulations to Keely Fischbach, MD, ACP who was selected to serve a two-year term as Southern region representative of the American College of Physician's Council of Resident/Fellow Members.
"I became active in the American College of Physicians (ACP) as a young fourth year medical student through Dr. Kevin O'Brien and the honor acting internship. My first trip to Tallahassee opened my eyes to how much legislature affects the day-to-day lives of the physician and how small our voice had become. Although I did not know much about the issues at that time, I knew that I wanted a voice in politics and wanted to be heard. The ACP stands on three principles - mentorship, scholarship, and advocacy. They achieve their platform through mentors within the college, poster competitions for residents, oral presentations, and lobbying. Since that time, I have become co-representative for USF in the Florida ACP Council of Residents, and I am proud to say that USF had the most medical student representation in the fall meeting with the most posters. Three medical students are presenting nationally this year, and Vadin Lall Dass and Kim McGuire both took home awards this past spring for their poster competitions. I am very excited for the changes here at USF. However, I still felt the desire to push forward to help bring the issues such as GME funding and scope of practice that I had seen in Tallahassee as well as Leadership Day in Washington D.C. to not just our residency program but to the residency programs around the state of Florida and the southern region. Through the help of Dr. Cuc Mai who wrote my nomination letter and Dr. Jose Lezama who helps foster the enthusiasm of ACP, I was elected Southern Regional Director of the ACP which involved spreading the news and platform of the ACP as well as the issues that physicians face. I am proud and thankful for this position as well as to represent USF of a national level." 
Star Staff Spotlight: Going Above and Beyond 

DarleneDarlene Stanley

New Innovations Coordinator
Internal Medicine Residency Program


Darlene has been nominated as a Star Staff Member because she exemplifies the spirit of our Department. Darlene works at 17 Davis, a location with many offices from different areas, not just USF. After noticing some undelivered mail, she located the intended person in the USF Directory, delivered them the mail, and then showed them the mail room in the building and how to get around. She went above and beyond - taking the time to help others is what our Department is based on. Thank you Darlene for your hard word, dedication, and compassion for others. You are a shining star!


About Darlene 

Darlene started with the Department 7 years ago as a temporary employee assisting with the residency evaluation system before it became New Innovations. She was quickly hired full time and is now the Coordinator for New Innovations. In this role, Darlene assists Dr. Cuc Mai and Mr. Brad Clark to assure all ACGME requirements are met by the residents - this includes evaluations, support for Board Certification, and shepherding of fellowship applications.


Favorite quote: "Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today."- Thomas Jefferson

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Patient-Centered Teaching: Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders
SabaHussain Saba, MD, PhD is a national expert in myelodysplastic syndromes and other hematological malignancies. His research has been presented in Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. His early life in poverty stricken Uttar Pradesh India foreshadowed a great career. His academic achievement was recognized early on, and he attended medical school in India.


Dr. Saba has excelled in both clinical and laboratory research, with involvement in more than 59 clinical trials. His belief in the importance of both research and networking is symbolized by this election as 2009 President of the Association of VA Hematology/Oncology (AVAHO).

Dr. Saba served as the Chief of the Section of Hematology / Oncology at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital, a position he had from 1999 to 2010. As a result of his interest in hemostasis and thrombosis, he also serves as the Director of the Hemophilia - Hemostasis and Thrombosis (HHT) Center at the USF Morsani College of Medicine.


He started his career with USF DOIM as an Assistant Professor in 1975, became a tenured Associate Professor in 1978 and was promoted to full professor in 1986. He served as the Director of the Division of Hematology at USF MCOM from 1979 to 1993, and the Director of the Division of Hematology at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute from 1986 to 1993. His past positions also include Co-Directorship of the Lymphoma and Leukemia Multidisciplinary Center, Director of Clinical Research and the Director of Education in the Malignant Hematology Program at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute.

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Patient-Centered Research: Innovative Ideas

researchBarbara Hansen, PhD and Shyam Mohapatra, PhD, MBA, FAAAAI were two of five USF faculty elected as Charter Fellow by the National Academy of Inventors. Charter Fellows are selected for a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, and the welfare of society." The academic inventors and innovators elected to be "Charter Fellows" were nominated for successes in areas such as patents and licensing, innovative discovery and technology, societal impact, and enhancement of innovation.



Dr. Barbara Hansen is a professor of internal medicine and pediatrics. Her pioneering work with calorie restriction in rhesus monkeys was the first to show that lifetime calorie restraint reduces age-related health problems such as high blood pressure and triglyceridemia. She's found that unique caloric restriction delays progression of insulin resistance toward diabetes. She is the director of USF Health's Obesity, Diabetes and Aging Research Center. She is actively involved with the Institute of Medicine, where she is a member of the membership committee and was appointed Vice Chair of Section 3 (anatomy, neurobiology, physiological sciences and pharmacological sciences).

Dr. Shyam S. Mohapatra is a Distinguished Health Professor with USF MCOM. He is the Director of the Division of Translational Medicine-USF Nanomedicine Research Center and a Research Career Scientist at the James A Haley VA Hospital. He was the recipient of the Humboldt research fellowship (1984, Bonn) and Pharmacia Allergy Research Foundation Award (1992, Paris). Dr. Mohapatra's research focuses on molecular and immunologic mechanisms of inflammation in respiratory diseases, cancers, viral infections and traumatic brain injury. He has authored more than 160 papers, has 12 patents and has numerous pending patent applications. He is President of the USF Chapter of the National Acadmey of Inventors.


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Patient-Centered Care: Putting Compassion into Practice
Last month Dr. Sinnott ran into Candice Mateja, DO, who is Assistant Professor in the Division of Hospital Medicine and Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program. He was curious about a gift bag she was carrying, which turned out to be a gift for one of her patients. When he heard of her exemplary kindness,  he snapped a picture and insisted we share her story. It is an inspiration for all of us and a reminder of what patient centered means. 
Dr. Mateja had two patients (18 and 49) with two primary cancers who were in the hospital for an extended period of time. They mentioned they liked her nails so she brought them nail decals from Sephora. They were touched by the gesture and thanked Dr. Mateja with warm smiles and big hugs.   
"I'm quite embarassed I'm being highlighted. I always like to do small random acts of kindness for my patients, but I don't want recognition for it - it's just something I do from the heart."
Dr. Mateja, thank you for exemplifying Patient-Centered Care!  
DOIM Google Group
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Name our Newsletter Contest
We are looking for a creative name for our quarterly newsletter that will be sent to external audiences (other universities, funders, alumni). Submit ideas by April 1st and we will put it to a vote in our next internal newsletter. The winner will receive a special gift.
Pinterest for DOIM
The DOIM has a pinterest account where those with a pinterest can see organizational tips, PPT templates, news articles, crafty ideas, and other resources. If you'd like to learn more about it, contact Kristy Andre.
Our Web Pages Have a New Look!

The Department of Internal Medicine is getting a facelift! USF Health IS has been working to give not only the Internal Medicine web page a new look, but each of our divisions' sites as well. In the next two months the DOM site will have more in-depth information such as:

Upcoming events and announcements

    on the homepage

History of the department

Faculty/staff highlights and


Research information and highlights

Policies and procedures page


Please be patient as we make these changes. Be sure to add our URL address to your email signatures:


If you are the direct contact for managing your division or centers web page, click here to contact Kristy Andre.

Recording Grand Rounds: Panopto For Podcasts

USF Health Information Services assists us in recording grand rounds in a podcast format. If you missed a Grand Round Lecture or have an interest in watching one again, you can access them by clicking here. These will eventually be posted on our web site. We have also begun to share our lectures with international affiliates, such as CES Medical School in Colombia.

Panopto enables you to record the lectures with the ability to show just your PowerPoint, your desktop, or video recording from your webcam, or a combination of all three. It also has capabilities to live stream your lecture with an option to take the viewer's questions live during your presentation.
Branding the Department

The DOIM is a large family with hundreds of faculty, researchers and staff scattered across 15+ locations. We want to be more connected and aware of those in our Department. We have many ways we will be branding the Department, with opportunities to win special prizes. Here are some items we are getting custom made with USF Internal Medicine branding that we will be bringing your way:

     - Polo shirts

     - Custom hats

     - Lanyards

     - Coffee mugs

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It is our goal to send out an internal e-newsletter each month, and a newsletter for external audiences each quarter beginning in July. 
Please email submissions for consideration in our marketing materials, including our Web site, for the following areas:
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  • Interesting articles you think the DOIM would benefit from
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Thank you!
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