September 13, 2019
One Health for One Planet Education (1HOPE) Initiative
Overview, Aims, Work Group Formation
Dear 1HOPE Colleagues:
Thank you once again for your interest in the international One Health for One Planet Education (1 HOPE) initiative. We are very pleased that you can work with us to build capacity for achieving the UN-2030 Sustainable Development Goals through understanding and valuing the One Health & Well-Being concept. The planned 1HOPE working groups will target six cohorts for One Health education: primary, secondary, tertiary, community/civil society, government, and corporate business. 
Informed by our introductory organisational meetings in June and August, please find here  ( ) an overview of the 1 HOPE project Vision, Aim, General Objectives, Rationales, Goals / Possible Outcomes, and Next Steps working group guidance.
Our next order of business is to establish the proposed working groups of 10-14 members each who will each be asked to select two co-facilitators. By September 27 , please visit this link ( ) to enter your name where you would like to be involved. Depending on your available time and interests you may choose:

  • one education level across several global regions,
  • one education level within one global region
  • multiple education levels across several global regions (this will mean meeting with multiple groups)
  • multiple education levels in one global region
Some thematic cohorts (e.g. tertiary) may be quite large so it may be necessary to form several tertiary working groups. We will do this after we see working group choices.
We will look for your responses by September 27 . Please contact either of us with any questions. 
Thank you and we are looking forward to working with you!

George Lueddeke, MEd, PhD

Cheryl Stroud, DVM, PhD
Executive Director, One Health Commission

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