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Issue # 114 - March 2018

Happy Spring! If you're like me, a snowstorm ushered in your first day of  spring. In spite of the cold, I wish you warmth and happiness! I'm pretty excited about my oldest son getting married this summer. I even got to pick out flowers for the church. I thought these were so pretty. Since they are having magenta as their 'color' I asked for touches of magenta in this arrangement. They are having a harpist for the ceremony which I think is unusual and kind of cool. Such fun! Time to get a dress! Have a fabulous month, Debbie
My daughter told me that March 29th is International Mermaid Day! I'm pretty excited that my next Mermaid Tales book is available for pre-ordering. It was such fun to write about fairies and mermaids. One question that my editor posed to me was, "Should the fairies have legs or tails?" I felt that if the fairies had tails they would just be mini mermaids, so I'm glad they accepted my suggestion that the fairies have legs! (Of course, all the fairies in my fairy garden have legs!)
I was lucky enough to meet some amazing authors this month,
including Newbery Award Winning Linda Sue Park and Kerry Madden-Lunsford. If you like to meet authors, hope you'll join me at SOKY (Southern KY Book Festival) on April 21st. Literally hundreds of authors to meet and tons of amazing books! See you there!
One of the best parts of being a writer is getting letters from students who enjoy my books. This one touched my heart:
I like to read... -sometimes, I am 11 yrs old and love your books. you inspire me more than the rest of the authors. you are amazing. I want you to write more books of Mermaid Tales. If you do, I'll read each one. -Samantha " 5th grade 
Favorite pictures from social media:

National Library Week begins on April 9th. I was lucky enough to visit an amazing children's library in Homewood, Alabama. Even their ceiling was amazing!
Libraries are a wonderful resource for books, but I recently came across these podcasts from authors that I thought were pretty cool as well, discussing the 'behind the scenes' of their books. Here are a few podcasts I've made: reading the Mermaid Tales and about writing.
Hope you'll enjoy BAILEY SCHOOL KIDS DAY on March 23rd. You might like to play this printable Monster Mystery game or try these activities. Happy March, Debbie

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