January 2023


News from the Global Biochar Industry

IBI is thrilled to launch our inaugural in-person Biochar Academy, which will be held in upstate New York from 19-30 June 2023. This is your opportunity to learn from and connect with leading experts from the biochar world and contribute to the scaling of the biochar industry.


APPLY NOW to get an early decision!

We are grateful for the overwhelming response we have received so far for the Academy and so to give our students more time to obtain visas, make travel arrangements and prepare for the academy, we are opening early admissions.

Submit your application today and you will get an early decision within one week of your application submission!

Please note that scholarship applicants will not be eligible for early admissions and the final decision for scholarship recipients will be made by mid-March.

The application will end on February 28, 2023, at 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Submit your application today.


IBI is looking for sponsors to raise $30,000 for 10 students to help defray travel and accommodation expenses (IBI will waive tuition fees for these students, too) and make this training more accessible to all. 


Through this Academy, we hope to further promote biochar as a sustainable and multi-purpose climate solution technology and bring this knowledge to communities that are at the highest risk of climate change impacts.


We are grateful for the generous support of  Carbonfuture, Pyreg and Woka Foundation who joined us as sponsors for the Biochar Academy!


Please consider sponsoring the Biochar Academy scholarship fund. As a sponsor, you will help ensure diversity among Academy students and the communities they can impact - sponsors get exclusive marketing opportunities to get visibility with IBI’s highly relevant and global audience.


Learn more about the many marketing and promotional benefits we are offering our sponsors, and please contact IBI’s Development Manager, Mehdeen Abbasi to get more information.



NEW STUDY: Soil amendments made from biochar can help improve soil quality and provide several benefits for plants, new research from the Ithaka Institute reveals. And that’s not all. Here’s what else a recent study revealed.


CONGRATS: IBI Board Member Dr. Claudia Kammann has co-authored the most-cited article in GCB Bioenergy. Learn why her paper is one of 2022’s top 10 most-cited articles according to Web of Science®.


LEARN MORE: This monthly bulletin isn’t the only way to gain more insight from all the experts. Our members’ newsletters are equally as good. Check out the latest reads from the U.S. Biochar Initiative, the Carbon Standards International and ANZ Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG), as well as the Charnet–Swiss Association for Biochar, Carbon Business Council and KLIMATELINK.


NEW PARTNERSHIP: IBI members NetZero, a leading French start-up focusing on long-term carbon removal, have joined forces with Rothschild & Co on a a multi-year carbon-credit purchase partnership to support Rothschild & Co’s 2030 sustainability commitments. Here’s what that will entail.


SAVE THE DATE: Unlock the power of Biochar at the Biochar Summit for 2023 in June 12-15 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Here’s what attendees of the four-date event can expect. Networking tops the list. So, too, does shaping the future of biochar and biogenic carbons.


RECORD-SETTING DEAL: IBI member Carbonfuture and Indo-Danish company MASH have made history with the largest-ever carbon removal purchase agreement. Learn how this game-changing partnership is propelling the growth of the carbon removal market.


CARBONFUTURE ALSO HAS JOINED THIRD DERIVATIVE’S NEW COHORT. Here’s why it’s a move that will revolutionize the fight against climate change in 2023.


MAKING HEADLINES: IBI member Novocarbo is building a plant in Mecklenburg-western Pomerania. Learn how it works and why it's making headlines across Germany!


APPLY NOW: The Ithaka Institute, an international open-source network for carbon strategies, is on the hunt for a “motivated student” to work with its expansion team in Agroscope, Zurich. Does that sound like you? Apply now and make it you.


FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE: The U.S. Biochar Initiative and NRCS Soil Health Division recently presented several webinars detailing how Code 336 Soil Carbon Amendment Conservation Practice Standard (also Code 808) can be used to improve soil health and build soil carbon through the application of biochar and compost. Did you miss it? Catch up on this YouTube channel.



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Plus 44 new and renewing professional members!



UNLOCK MORE BIOCHAR SOLUTIONS: Get the info you need to put biochar water treatment to work for you sooner when you subscribe to the online works of environmental chemist and engineer Josh Kearns, who specializes in appropriate technologies for low-resource settings.


CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The impact platform Milkywire has set up a Climate Transformation Fund that finds and supports a wide range of projects currently working to address the climate crisis—and an open call for proposals is officially underway.


APPLY NOW: A full-time PhD studentship at Aston University’s College of Engineering & Physical Sciences in Birmingham, U.K. The school is accepting applications for the vacancy now. So act fast—the deadline is right around the corner.

SAVE THE DATE: The third entry of the “Bio-Char” series from the Engineering Conferences International (ECI) is set for Sept. 17-21 in Tomar, Portugal. The five-day event will detail biochar's historical and long-term performance, emerging technologies, new applications and regulatory hurdles and advantages unfolding worldwide. 

APPLY NOW: Join the race to save the planet and launch your greenhouse gas-fighting startup with the support of Airminers Launchpad, an exclusive six-week program powered by XPRIZE and Creative Destruction Lab. Apply now!


CAPITALIZE ON BIOCHAR BOOM: New research unveils a booming biochar market. The sector is projected to grow 13.40% in revenue and 10.34% in volume between 2022 and 2028. Learn more from this third-party research.


CLOSE THE CDR DEFICIT: There is a substantial gap between proposed current carbon dioxide removal (CDR) deployment efforts and what will be needed to meet the Paris temperature goal of limiting warming to well below 2°C, a new report reveals. Here is what needs to happen to close the deficit. 

TRACK CO2 PROGRESS NOW: A new carbon removal reporting platform called cdr.fyi has been launched to accurately track the rapidly growing CO2 purchases and deliveries market. Here’s where the effort stands today.


UNLOCK HELSINKI'S VISION: Discover Helsinki's plan to revolutionize urban sustainability with biochar. Click here to explore the innovative use of biochar in carbon sequestration and waste management.

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Technology to remove the planet-warming greenhouse gas CO2 from our atmosphere must be ramped up immediately, a new report warns. Here’s why nature and cuts in CO2 emissions can no longer do the trick alone.

APPLY NOW: Are you looking for a challenging and varied job in a personal atmosphere characterized by collegiality? Would you like to work in an innovative environment whose tradition has been based on sustainability for more than 150 years? If so, Geisenheim University in Germany might have what you are looking for—a vacancy for a doctoral research assistant at its Department of Applied Ecology. Click here to see if you’re the right fit!


REVITALIZING GOLD MINES: The Gold Rush of the 1800s left a legacy of abandoned mines that pose environmental and health risks. Tune into this podcast to learn how biochar is being evaluated as a sustainable solution to remediate these abandoned mine lands by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

TUNE IN NOW: Watch “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe as he joins the company BiocharNow to turn waste lumber into the planet's most efficient fertilizer—biochar –and helps solve global warming in Colorado.

UNCOVER MORE EVENTS: Immerse yourself in a diverse array of events and workshops that cater to the latest developments and trends in the biochar industry by visiting our IBI events page today!

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