Winter 2018
International Cadet Sponsors
Quarterly Report
The Cadet ministry in Kenya continues to provide us with good news. In the last quarter we received reports of new regions of the country interested in starting a Cadet program. We read of clubs getting together to raise awareness in their town. We hear of plans for new counselor training, a national counselor’s convention, and a national boys conference. While not all of the proposed activities may actually come to fruition, the possibilities for those of us in North America to help with finances is on-going. 

This quarter Rev. Daniel Nandwa, our coordinator in Kenya, advised us of a request from the Reformed Church in South Sudan. They are interested in initiating a Cadet ministry there, to reach out to their boys and helping them grow in Christ.

The Cadet club in Beragujfalu, Subcarpathia, Ukraine continues to thrive. They are making plans for their annual winter cadet outing for their club in January. Over the past years they have studied mushrooms, astronomy, bible study, flowers, birds and spiders. We are thankful for the opportunity to send them some badges. A small expense on our part, but a gesture welcomed by them, encouraging the Cadets, and showing them they are part of a larger group.

With this update comes the newest list of funding opportunities. Once you, as a sponsor, have paid the annual pledge of $200 to help support International Cadeting, you are free to donate towards any of the causes from the list. To tie this in with the 2018-19 theme, have your Cadets work on a fundraiser with the goal of “Being a Blessing” to a Cadet club in Kenya. Whether it’s paying for Bibles and lessons, buying some chickens or rabbits, or equipping a group with uniforms and sports equipment, find something that the boys can get excited about.

Thank you for your support, both with prayers and finances, for the work of Cadets around the world. From Kenya and Uganda to the Ukraine, churches are using our model for showing their children what it means to live for Jesus.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact the Corps office.
International Cadet Funding Opportunities
Download the latest list of current opportunities to fund specific International clubs.

Service Spotlight
Some photos and highlights of recent International Cadet clubs.

Notes from Kenyan cadets
Some great pictures drawn by cadets in Kenya.

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