Join in Raising Awareness!

Please join us in taking a stand against cruelty and abuse! The goal of this very important day is to draw people's attention to the cruelty inherent in the long distance transport of animals bound for slaughter. At Animals' Angels, on September 13th, we'll be sharing a variety of reports and information on Facebook and Twitter which will illustrate the suffering - the absolutely needless suffering - that these animals endure for up to 28 hours at a time. 

Imagine with me for a moment, you are travelling on a bus and after hitting a bump; you lose your footing and fall. As you lay on the floor of the crowded bus, you feel a cold hard shoe step on your arm. You hear the crunch of your bones breaking and the high pitched scream of pain coming from your mouth. No one notices. No one helps. A second later those same cold hard shoes step your leg, stomach, and other arm. Again no one cares. You lay there, helpless, while slowly being trampled to death. And your journey lasts for 28 hours.
And worse... it's perfectly legal. It's true. U.S. laws allow trucks carrying live animals -- slaughter-bound horses, cows, goats, sheep, pigs -- to travel for 28 hours at a time without having to provide the animals with food, water, or any kind of rest or respite whatsoever. To add to the misery, it is rare for drivers to even check on the animals - injured, sick, and downed animals often go completely unnoticed and their suffering is allowed to continue.

It isn't a pleasant thought, but the reality is that in the United States, while billions of animals are sold, traded, and transported, they are also subjected to horrific conditions.  The story above is one that has been documented many times by Animals' Angels as farm animals and slaughter-bound horses are moved from auctions to feedlots to slaughterhouses. These defenseless animals are often transported without any consideration for their health and well-being which leads to untold suffering.
Animals bound for slaughter deserve humane treatment!   We need to put a STOP to long distance transport. Together we make it happen. 

Help protect animals every day, but especially on September 13th! Show your support for slaughter-bound animals by printing your "STOP LONG DISTANCE TRANSPORT" image from Animals' Angels today!  These non-graphic images were taken during actual Animals' Angels investigations. Display them proudly in your car window, at your office or home, share them with friends to spread the word, use them to educate a stranger. 
Let's work TOGETHER to raise awareness of the horrific suffering these helpless creatures endure in transport every day.  


Here are a just few of the changes we're advocating on behalf of the animals and we hope you'll join us in our fight:
  • Limit the time animals can be transported to 8 hours.
  • Mandatory, easily accessible on-board waterers on all trucks involved in animal transport.
  • Limit the number of animals per transport to prevent overcrowding, suffering, and injuries.
  • Stringent enforcement of these regulations and other animal welfare laws.
  • Strict accountability for transport companies and owners/shippers.
  • Halt the transport of horses to slaughter altogether.
Animals' Angels is one of only a very few organizations in the U.S. that performs investigations into the transport of slaughter-bound horses and other farm animals. We've seen first-hand the absolute misery and horrific conditions that these animals -- thousands of them a day -- are forced to endure.


But we need to do more. And YOU can help! Animals' Angels will continue to fight against these injustices. No matter how hard we fight though, we need your help to succeed!  

Donate today  to keep our investigators in the field, uncovering the atrocities perpetuated against animals across the nation. The animals need you. Now is your chance to send our investigators where they are needed most -- on the road to document the transport of slaughter-bound horses and farm animals from auctions to feedlots and slaughterhouses.

And don't forget -- display YOUR "Stop Long Distance Transport" placard to raise awareness! 

Click the files below to choose and print your image:
Sheep Loading for Transport

Imagine the power behind something as simple as an image. Raise awareness. Start a conversation. Educate a friend or a stranger. Promote change. Make a difference. It's in YOUR hands. 


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