Dear ones,
I've just learned that Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, will lead an International Day of Prayer TODAY at 9:00 AM. I will be joining him and hope you will too! I'm sad that we didn't have this information earlier, but glad to pass it along. Please join Presiding Bishop Curry on Livestream or Facebook Live to pray the Lord’s Prayer  at noon  ET (that's 9AM for us!) today.
In response to a call from both Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be praying the Lord’s Prayer (via Livestream and Facebook Live)  Wednesday, March 25, at noon Eastern Time . He invites you to join with Christians around the world to offer this prayer in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
To join Bishop Curry live,  Wednesday, March 25, at noon Eastern Time , click here:
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Links to invitations:
On the web:
I'll be sending out a bit of a church update later today and look forward to "seeing you" in church on Sunday! Sending love and all God's blessings, Karen