4/9/2020 - El Paso, TX - The North American Collegiate League (NACL) has done it again by not only hosting another Fortnite free-for-all duos tournament, but hosting some big names, including professional team players.

A generous prize pool of $500 drew in players from all over the world for this Fortnite tournament. Players from the US, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Salvador, and Columbia played in the tournament this past weekend. The 6 round event took off at 5pm EST with three games being played on NA-West servers and three games being played on NA-East servers. Right off the bat these duos were getting to the ground as soon as they could to find the best weapons and loot. Many of the players would run out of materials late in the game due to intense skyscraper build battles. These battles ended in bloodshed as someone had to come out on top. All six matches were far from one sided as it took all the way to the last game for the winners to be decided.

The duos were so close that most matches ended in two different duos duking it out for the win. This gave Paul “Rabies” Santoro some exciting games to cast and thrilled the audience. More often than not the last fight ended in a moving storms zone. Meaning that the players were trying their hardest to outlast their opponents by running with the storm.

This Fortnite tournament saw the rise of a new duo, PhoenixOsu + Mqffin. They managed to secure a first place finish with a score of 110 points after round 6. After managing to stay in the top 5 during all 6 rounds, Yokizx + GonoFam locked in a second place finish with 61 points. In third place was Hampshire + Youtube Lanku with 57 points. There was only a four point difference between second and third making the last couple rounds really important for the duos not only to place high, but to secure as many kills as possible.

While PhoenixOsu + Mqffin managed to pull out the win and secure the first place prize, they did not have the smoothest start. After the first and second matches, PhoenixOsu + Janus Mqffin were in 7th place with only 16 points. From match 2 to 3 they went from 7th all the way to 2nd and doubled their points in a single match. From here they started to assert their dominance, holding the first place spot from match 4 to 6. By match 6 they had 49 more points than Yokizx + GonoFam, the second place finishers.

Yokizx + GonoFam, Hampshire + Youtube Lanku, and Winston + Trose were all in serious competition for second as they flip flopped places almost every round. Their scores at the end of round 6 were all within 9 points. It was looking as if Hampshire + Youtube Lanku would take second as they held it for match 4 and 5. However, Yokizx + GonoFam and Winston + Trose were on the rise. They were tied for 3rd at 42 points following match 4. After match 5 Yokizx + GonoFam had pulled ahead of Winston + Trose and were now tied for 2nd with Hampshire + Youtube Lanku. Following match 6 Yokizx + GonoFam were able to continue their rise and finished in 2nd place, pushing Hampshire + Youtube Lanku into a final 3rd place finish while Winston + Trose did not place in the top 3, they did get fourth and were only 3 points away from a 3rd place finish. All of these teams did fantastic jobs of working together and pulling out the best in their mates. Although some of the other duos did not have an outstanding finish, all were great performers and encouraged to participate in the next NACL Fortnite tournament.

NACL has kicked off its partnership with ConsenSys with this tournament through a new and improved blockchain integrated tournament platform. When you sign up for tournaments, you will be able to opt into an automatic payout system through cryptocurrency after winning.

NACL’s next tournament is the Rick Barry NBA2K20 invitational on April 10th. Tune in on to see some crazy dunks and incredible gameplay!
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