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Dane Kennedy, director of the National History Center, presents at the International History & Policy conference in London, December 2018.
In December 2018, the Lepage Center joined institutions from several countries for a meeting in London on how to better connect historians and policymakers. The result was an agreement among international partners to work collaboratively towards infusing more historical scholarship and historical perspective into policy decisions around the world.

In addition to the Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, partner organizations included:

In cooperation with our domestic partners, including the Luskin Center for History and Policy, these organizations have committed to working together in the years ahead on a joint endeavor to raise historical consciousness among elected officials, civil servants, and voters, and bringing historians and policymakers into closer conversation.

Please continue to stay in touch with the Lepage Center for more information in the months and years ahead. Read about the London meeting on the APHN and History & Policy websites.
Changing the narratives around history majors
Yale University's Cross Campus looking towards Sterling Library. New Haven, CT. Fall, 2013. Kathryn Donohew Photography/Moment Editorial/Getty Images. The image was used by TIME.com for its history majors opinion piece published on December 6, 2018.
A recent report by the American Historical Association found that history has seen the steepest decline in bachelor’s degrees awarded of all the major disciplines. History degrees now account for only 5.3 degrees per 1,000 degrees awarded in the United States, the lowest amounts in decades.

But in an op-ed in TIME Magazine, Lepage Center director Jason Steinhauer states that the history degree is not broken; it simply needs to be tweaked to meet students where they are. By offering a clearer sense of possible career trajectories and a greater sense of community, today's history departments are helping students feel more confident and secure in their choice of major. A history degree continues to offer students clear, tangible benefits: writing skills, research skills, critical thinking skills, an ability to speak intelligently about the past — all of which are vital today.

The Lepage Center is actively trying to be part of the solution. As articulated in the TIME op-ed, by introducing programs such as a History Career Day and a weekly brownbag lunch that fosters discussion around current events through a historical lens, the Center is helping to bring new students in the door. Investing in people, not making cuts, will be the best options for renewing student interest in a history education. Read the piece in its entirety here >>
Upcoming events
Thursday, Jan. 31 @ 11:30 a.m.
The Lepage Center welcomes Jonathan Zimmerman, historian, author and writer of hundreds of opinion pieces and popular articles, for a workshop on how academics can use op-eds to communicate scholarly research. Zimmerman is Professor of History of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and a frequent contributor to the  New York Times, the  Washington Post, the  New York Review of Books, and other popular newspapers and magazines. He is a member of the Lepage Center Advisory Council.

Friday, Feb. 8 @ 11:00 a.m.
A signature program of the Lepage Center, History Career Day showcases to students how history majors put their degrees to work in the history profession and beyond, helping to shape our world and create enriching careers for themselves and others. Open to all Villanova students, graduates, and undergraduates.

Weekly lunches
"Lunch @ Lepage"
Wednesdays in the Lepage Center
Each week during the semester, the Lepage Center hosts weekly discussions on how history is utilized by political and societal leaders, reported in the news media, and responded to by historians. Open to all members of the Villanova community, we meet every Wednesday in the Lepage Center, SAC 410, at 12 p.m. Please bring your lunch and join us! No RSVP necessary.
From our blog
Continuing our focus on democracy, Lepage Center Faculty Director Paul Steege writes that democracy, even in stable and prosperous countries, depends on managing conflicts and confronting ongoing challenges.

The new Philadelphia Flyers mascot has been adopted by radical leftists--and that should not come as a surprise, writes History Communication Fellow Jubilee Marshall.

Teaching democracy
The Lepage Center has focused on democracy this academic year, producing events, articles and online resources that examine democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

As teachers and students return to class from winter break, these resources and infographics are useful tools in the classroom to introduce concepts about democracy to students based on historical scholarship and historical perspective.

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