Act in support of Friday for Future Strikers.
15 March is 
International School Strike for Climate.
Individuals and organizations that have endorsed urge one and all to acknowledge, listen to, and stand with youth on Friday, March 15.

#FridaysforFuture is a people's movement following the call from @GretaThunberg to school strike.

Many students have walked out of schools on strike before government buildings.

In Belgium, school students used clocks which then "struck." Churches have held bell strikes.

How would you strike a cord to address the climate crisis?

If you post your work with the hashtag #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike we will be able to find and share your excellent work.

Alison Green and Rupert Reed talk with Rob Moir:

Fridays for Future Climate Strikes in the UK with Extinction Rebellion

YouthStrike4Climate, London: "The World's Youth see our leaders are not doing enough to save our future. Keep the pressure up to demand climate action. Whether you are at school, college or uni, go on strike on the Friday 15th March. Join with youth from over 40 countries across the world to fight for your future."

OUR MISSION: Climate Justice

UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) is a group of under 18s taking to the streets to protest the government's lack of action on the Climate Crisis. Partnering with many groups to create a strong movement of students to send a message that we are tired of being ignored.

Foreboding over UN Climate Change Conference in Poland.

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