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Civil Rights & Workers' Rights Advocacy Training 5-Week Program

DateOctober 6, 2021Time6:00 PM

Famed civil rights attorney, Brian Figeroux has a strong record of success representing individuals who are subjected to excessive force, including deadly force, by police and other law enforcement agencies, and whose rights to medical attention have been deprived by the government. Mr. Figeroux has distinguished himself as a voice for those whose rights are ignored. He has represented Abner Louima, a Haitian man who, in 1997, was physically attacked, brutalized, and sexually assaulted by officers of the New York City Police.
Introduction to International Trade & Global Business and Fashion Law

DateOctober 7, 2021Time6:00 PM

Session 1: The World Is Your Oyster, Find Your Pearl
The world is getting smaller and this is an exciting and lucrative time to get into international trade and global business. This first session touches on the various aspects of being successful on the global market. We will also look at emerging markets, export and import policies and practices including marine insurance, tariff legislation and duties.
Do You Need Help With Your Credit?

DateOctober 13, 2021Time6:00 PM

Credit is a critical component of your financial power. It facilitates things that you need in life such as a loan for a house, car or a credit card, based on your promise to pay later. Having great credit makes all the difference. Working to improve your credit helps ensure you'll qualify for loans when you need them.
Become a Certified Travel Agent and Destination Specialist

DateOctober 18, 2021 | Time6:00 PM

We will discuss how travel, and the role of the Travel Agent, has changed over the years. We will also discuss niche travel areas and you will be encouraged to consider the niche areas you're are most interested in focusing on during the 4-week course.
Paralegal Certificate Program Orientation

DateOctober 28, 2021Time6:00 PM

This mandatory orientation is open only to Paralegal Students who have completed their registration. At the orientation, we will discuss:
  • An overview of the program
  • Introduction to CALI 
  • Introduction CLIO Legal Software
  • Tour of various websites pertinent to your educational need
Notary Public Training Course

DateDecember 8, 2021Time6:00 PM

This New York Notary Public Training course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts and clauses contained in the framework of the New York State Notary booklet.

  • Limited to 10 persons.
  • Must show proof of vaccination.
Business News
Five Important Things Every Fashion Designer Should Know

For those who love clothes and revel in the world of fashion, life as a fashion designer may seem like a dream come true, but it is also a job. If you want to succeed in this competitive environment, you need to treat designing fashion as a professional undertaking. For those new to the world of fashion, the growing pains can be enormous, and not knowing what to expect could doom your new enterprise to failure before you even get started..
Grants & Money for Your Business
Restaurant Resiliency Program is Being Finalized for NYC Restaurants!

This $25 million grant program provides funding to restaurants that choose to provide meals and food to people within distressed or under-represented communities.
The NYS Pandemic Small Business Recovery Program

New York State launched the $800 million COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program, which will provide grants of up to $50,000 to COVID-19 impacted small and micro businesses and for-profit independent arts and cultural organizations.
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