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Advanced Mediumship Development

Thursdays, Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12, 19, 26, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Join renown psychic medium Victoria Ackerman for a class series to educate, mentor and coach participants into a higher level of psychic mediumship. Through lecture, discussion, and exercises, participants will learn how to effectively and professionally bridge messages from the spirit world. This class is meaqnt for students who have learned about, and who have connected with, their spirit guide or those in spirit, and who understand the basics on how to give an evidential mediumship reading.

This workshop series is fun and enjoyable in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. All are welcome. Be advised that this is a higher level, sometimes fast paced, class. This is one class series you will not want to miss! $15 per class. RSVP Now!







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Messages from the Spirit World with Suzane Northrop

Saturday, January 24, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Suzane Northrop, internationally acclaimed medium and expert in psychic phenomena, has helped thousands make contact with those they thought were gone forever. Suzane will give you proven tools and teach you how to use personal experiences as a method of communication with your departed loved ones. $40 in advance, $45 at the door.


During this event:

  • Learn to communicate with your departed loved ones.
  • Receive tools that allow you to feel the inner peace and resolution that comes from understanding how contact is made.
  • Have your questions about Life After Death answered by Suzane.
  • Suzane will deliver validations randomly throughout the audience.

This seminar will sell out - register today! Book signing to follow the event.


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Coming in February 


♥ February is HEALING MONTH at The Spirit University

This month we will focus on, and explore ways, to improve our state

 of being and to finding comfort, health, and happiness. 



The Color and Sound Experience - Part 1
Saturday, February 7, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Do you feel anxious in a yellow room? Does the color blue make you feel calm and relaxed? Artists and interior designers have long understood how color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. It is a powerful tool and can be used to influence mood and cause physiological reactions.

In this audience participation workshop you will have fun "tuning up" your organs from the inside out. Feel the effects of different musical intervals. Learn about how every day sounds affect your life. Discover your "color ray." Feel the healing and explore your unique self through your senses of color and sound. Attend either, or both, of these different workshops: Part 1 (Feb 7th) or Part 2 (March 7th). With Spencer Rouse $15  RSVP Now!
An unforgettable experience!

Introduction to Evidential Mediumship

Monday, February 9, 7:15 pmn tp 8:45 pm

Shanna This is a class about evidential mediumship, which is the ability to communicate with Spirit loved ones and bring through evidential information. We will discuss he difference between a psychic and a medium, what evidential mediumship is and is not, what evidence is, the purpose of evidential mediumship, what it takes to become an evidential medium, and what it is like to practice evidential mediumship. Your questions are welcome. Take this opportunity to check out your interest and potential for evidential mediumship! $15  RSVP Now!


Please Note: This class is the prerequisite for the Foundations Of Evidential Mediumship Skills course starting Feb 16 (5 classes).


How to See and Read the Aura

Tuesday, February 10, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Learn and experience many different ways to sensitize your eyes to perceive the colors of an aura. We will answer frequently asked questions, learn the difference between auras and after-images, and learn how to cleanse our aura. You will also be provided afull-size booklet to take home with you, complete with reference material, color charts, and sensitizing exercises. With Victoria Ackerman $18 plus $10 manual. RSVP Now!


An aura is a field of subtle, luminous radiation surrounding a person or object. All human beings manifest an aura and it may be seen with practice.Perception of the aura has been used in physical and emotional healing.Personality traits are associated with the colors of different layers of the aura. It has also been described as a map of the thoughts and feelings surrounding a person. 


Let Spirit Be Your Guide to Anger Release, Forgiveness, Healing

Sunday, February 15, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm    --- NEW ---

Let's be honest, we all have or have had some type of issues with anger and forgiveness. Sometimes it is even our very own loved ones that challenge us the most! We do not have to try and move past these very tough emotional hurdles alone. During this experiential workshop you will be guided to:
  • Learn the "true cost" of anger:  Who pays the price?
  • Allow your Spirit Guides to help you identify the true source of your anger or issues
  • Begin to face your fears on a "soul level"
  • Explore how gratitude and compassion pave the path to forgiveness and how to "get there"
  • Experience healing through forgiveness of YOURSELF and others

So if you think you might be truly ready, to embrace the magnificent healing that Spirit gives us through this process of forgiveness, please join us for this healing journey! With Brenda Reading $25  RSVP Now!


Brenda Reading
Brenda Reading is a Spiritual Medium/Consultant, Medical Intuitive, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Holistic Educator and Ordained Melchizedek Minister. Believing that we are all born with natural "gifts", Brenda enjoys teaching and helping others to open up to their own psychic and spiritual abilities. Brenda is a facilitator at Lily Dale Assembly. She is also a Co-Founder of the Angels of Hope Healing and Learning Center in Fredonia, N.Y., where she teaches and offers healing services.

Foundations of Evidential Mediumship

Mondays, Feb 16, 23, Mar 2, 9, 16
Shanna OvalOffering the fundamentals of evidential mediumship. The course focuses on developing and establishing the skills and supporting practices that lead to communication with Spirit loved ones, such as how to connect with the Spirit Communicator and your Gatekeeper, recognizing and communicating evidence that confirms consciousness continues after the transition called death, creating trust and confidence as a medium, and more. A 5-class course. 1.5 to 2 hours per class. With Shanna Spalding St. Clair ,  $15 per class. RSVP Now!

Please Note: One of the following prerequisites is required: Either permission of the instructor (216-402-0597 shannaspalding@yahoo.com) -or- Introduction to Evidential Mediumship -or - at least 2 prior Foundations classes with Shanna.


Psychic Fair and Open House

Saturday, February 21, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Psychic Fair 2
Message Gallery ● Readings ● Healings ● Free Lectures

Learn more about The Spirit University! Our Psychic Readers will use their intuitive abilities to assist you in making choices and in answers for personal growth.

READINGS are 15 minutes, so you have time to sample different reader styles. If you've never had a reading, now is the time to give it a try! Only $20

Join in the fun, and see how spirit is helping you!




Psychic Medium Healer Joseph LoBrutto visits Sarasota 

SPECIAL EVENT   ** 2 Days Only **

Joseph LoBrutto III is a loving and highly compassionate bridge to the departed. Known for his warm heart and humbleness, Joseph has helped countless people who are grieving with the loss of a loved one by delivering validating messages of love, hope and joy from the departed soul. As a gifted psychic Joseph is able to see what life has in store for someone and help him or her to choose the right path.

Psychic Forum with Joseph
Friday, February 27, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
For years Joseph LoBrutto III  has demonstrated on live radio his psychic abilities in answering questions on Career, Romance, Life-path, Spiritual Journey along with messages from passed loved ones and Spirit Guides. During the First Part of this event, Joseph will perform random readings throughout the audience, as he communicates directly with loved ones, creating a loving bridge to the departed. During the Second Partof the forum Joseph will address all guest in answering their psychic questions. 20 People Maximum. $35 in advance, $40 at the door.

Divine Healing with Joseph
Saturday, February 28, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Sacred Healing Gathering

Mental    Physical  ♥ Spiritual    
with Joseph LoBrutto
It was John of God of Brazil who informed Joseph that he will be coming into his healing abilties. Today many have witness the miraculous healings of diseases, depression along with receiving spiritual logosbalance for a healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.During the gathering Joseph will manipulate the energy field around each person causing their vibrational frequency to increase higher into the Alpha State while using a form of trance. While in this state of consciousness the Healing Masters will work on each person Mental, Physical and Spiritual Self. During the Mental part of the healing you will find clarity in making decisions, to forgive and letting go of all fears. During the Physical part of the healing witnesses have commented on feeling sensations throughout their body focusing on their aliments. In the Spiritual part of the healing you will feel a closer connection with God and be greeted by your  loved ones on the other-side making your connection an unforgettable memory. $25 in advance, $30 at the door.

Speaking to Heaven with Joseph
Saturday, February 28, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Communicates directly with loved ones, 

creating a loving bridge to the departed

with Joseph LoBrutto 

International Psychic Medium and Author Joseph LoBrutto III will be facilitating an outstanding demonstration of his Evidential Mediumship style often seen on TV! Known for his warm heart and humbleness, Joseph has helped countless people who are grieving with the loss of a loved one by delivering validating messages of love, hope and joy from the departed soul. Be prepare to receive and witness fun filed and heart felt messages as he gives random readings to the audience. $25 in advance, $35 at the door.


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Coming in March

Business Side of Mediumship
Saturday, March 7, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm


This is for current mediums and/or participants who are interested in getting into a professional mediumship business. Through this workshop, mediums or participants who are planning to be a medium will learn how to:


  1. Be familiar with responsibilities as a medium.
  2. Structure a session from the beginning to the end/how to conduct a session.
  3. Message Delivering System.
  4. Mediumship Ethics-dos and don'ts.
  5. Medium's professionalism 101.
  6. How to do marketing.
  7. Actual practice reading sessions by participants.

Through her own experience as a medium, Masami Kolbenschlag will show participants examples of actual business  methods. $20  RSVP Now!


The Color and Sound Experience - Part 2
Saturday, March 7, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
In this audience participation workshop you will have fun "tuning up" your organs from the inside out. Feel the effects of different musical intervals. Learn about how every day sounds affect your life. Discover your "color ray." Feel the healing and explore your unique self through your senses of color and sound. Attend either, or both, of these different workshops: Part 1 (Feb 7th) or Part 2 (March 7th). There is potential in how we respond to color and music to improve our well-being. Studies suggest that someday music may even help patients heal from Parkinson's disease or a stroke.$15. RSVP Now!

There is potential in how we respond to color and music to improve our well-being. Studies suggest that someday music may even help patients heal from Parkinson's disease or a stroke. With Spencer Rouse.

A look at some of the recent

classes and events at The Spirit University

Fundraiser Evening
The Spirit University, a sponsor, and many others gave their time, effort, and support to a worthy cause. Joseph LoBrutto, who traveled to Sarasota from the east coast, joined Victoria Ackerman in the Message Gallery with George as the technical and audio director. Martha and Barbara gave Tea Leaf instructions and readings with the assistance of Rebecca who pour the tea and aided the room. Connie deftly provided Tarot Card readings, and Jason provided his version of Psychic PerceptionRadana and Dave funneled guests to see MasamiCarolan, Zahid, who bestowed Round Table readings. 

With careful, Innovative Planning and Design, we were able to serve up more than 50 guest readings every 15 minutes! Thank you to all for your service and in helping to make the evening a banner event.



To see more photos of this event, CLICK HERE to view on flickr 
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Last Sunday's Events
Dawn brought her expertise in healing to the Reiki 1 class, while in the Community Room Masami listened to suggestions from George
-- Article --

5 "Clairs" You Don't Know You Have
Advanced Mediumship 
with Victoria Ackerman

     The mystic medium tells the anonymous eager listener, "Your dad Raymond is here. He passed away two years ago. At times he gives you a kiss on the cheek right before you go to sleep - he says you know this. He died from a heart condition, and he no longer limps but feels great now. His advice to you is to 'stand tall'."

    The listener had never met the medium or even told her name. How did the medium perceive that the listener thinks of her dad at night and wishes he was still there to tuck her into bed? Dad's bad leg, when and how he passed - how did the medium fathom these? And "standing tall in the face of your fears" is something dad said often.

     Is this magic? Has the listener's trash been raided? Is this Candid Camera? How does mediumship, i.e. communicating with those who have transitioned and are now on the "other side of life," really work?

     As science delves deeper into biology and the human brain, researchers have discovered several other forms of sensory perception that you probably don't even know you have. We all have a basic understanding of our "Big 5 Senses" as they are often called, because we are conscious of the fact that they help us navigate our daily lives. But our real abilities go so far beyond that.

     Symbolic portrayal of the five traditional senses was a popular subject among 17th century Baroque artists. In one of the most famous examples, the painting "Allegory of the Five Senses," five figures gather in a group, with each of them representing a particular human sense. Sight is embodied by a boy pointing toward a mirror; hearing features a boy with a musical triangle; smell is shown as a girl with flowers; taste is a woman with the fruit, and touch is a woman holding a bird.

G�rard de Lairesse's "Allegory of the Five Senses" (1668)

     Beyond the big 5 there are many more subtle senses that exist - those that control our balance, or tell us our stomachs are empty, for example. Some of our senses are entwined, too. We are able to perceive temperature (thermoception), sensation (proprioception), pain (nociception), balance (equilibrioception), and time (chronoception).

     In mediumship, those on the "other side" can impinge upon our senses - even utilizing all the senses of a developed medium - in order to communicate. The full range of our senses may be psychically influenced, enabling perception of more than just pictures, words, feelings, taste, or touch. Here are five additional senses through which psychic communication is received:

     Clair�quilibre, or clear balance. Our sense of balance helps to keep us from falling over when we walk or stand still. It works with our eyes, ears and our spatial sense. Spin around repeatedly, and you throw this system off, causing dizziness and, yes, loss of balance. The police test for balance and equlibrium when someone is suspected of drunk driving.

     Clairposture, or clear posture. Our awareness of posture and movement allows us to detect changes in our equilibrium. This also allows us to be aware of the position, weight, and resistance of objects as they relate to our bodies. Without this sense, you would have to constantly look down at your feet to be able to walk.

     Clairchaleur, or clear temperature. This is our sense of heat - or the lack of it. If you sit by a campfire, you can feel the heat; open your freezer and you feel how cold it is. Thermoceptors in your skin are what sense those changes in temperature.

     Clairdouleur, or clear pain. Pain serves us by attracting our attention to dangers and motivating us to avoid them. For example, we avoid touching a sharp needle or hot object, or extending our arm beyond a safe limit, because it is dangerous and it hurts. Our ability to sense pain can be felt even within our skin, joints, bones and body organs.

     Clairtemps, or clear time. This sense refers to how the passage of time is perceived and experienced. The work of psychologists and neuroscientists indicate that human brains do indeed have a specific system governing the perception of time. One aspect of this sense is responsible for perceiving our bodies' circadian (or daily) rhythm.

     When those on the "other side" connect with us, they may declare, "We are here!" by giving us a tickle on our face or hand. Many of us experience a healing sensation or are comforted by a feeling of well-being that manifests as a sensation of focused warmth. Imparted to us is knowledge of a problem with a specific organ or disease. We become aware of a walking difficulty, of stooped posture, or a sense of weakness or strength. Alternatively, these spirits may remind us of the time of a birthday or anniversary, or send other messages.

     In the future, the doors of science may further expand our awareness of the senses we have, leading us to be even more aware of information that can be sensed without any visual or mundane cues. We can move away from mysticism and and focus on:

- Sensing the time without clocks

- Sensing that someone is behind you

- Sensing that we are being observed

- Sensing that something is beneficial or dangerous

- Sensing that the weather is about to change

- Sensing if someone is being truthful

- Sensing the location of something unseen

     The list can go on and on. And so, in time, may our evolution into a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe we live in.

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