Issue No. 211 | Jan. 15, 2020
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Weekly Reading
On January 8, the Cyberspace Administration of China released a draft law on measures for the administration of internet information services, which includes strategies for cracking down on spreading rumors about the pandemic. This new draft is the first big revision of its kind since the law was first issued in 2000.

Under this new proposal, the number of articles has doubled from 27 to 54. Obviously, this means that the text is quite lengthy, but it is worth reading through it yourself to get a sense of the changes the new law is seeking to impose.

俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
yī chéng bù biàn

Meaning: nothing much changes; always the same / stuck in a rut

Original: " 社会主义初级阶段不是一个静态、一成不变、停滞不前的阶段,也不是一个自发、被动、不用费多大气力自然而然就可以跨过的阶段,而是一个动态、积极有为、始终洋溢着蓬勃生机活力的过程,是一个阶梯式递进、不断发展进步、日益接近质的飞跃的量的积累和发展变化的过程。"

Source: This idiom was used in a January 12 人民网 report recapping Xi Jinping's speech at the opening ceremony of the 省部级主要领导干部学习贯彻党的十九届五中全会精神专题研讨班 .
Internship in Shanghai
For those of you in China who are looking for an internship, the US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) Shanghai office is seeking a Research Intern.

Interns at USCBC’s Shanghai office are expected to assume a wide range of responsibilities:
  • Researching and analyzing China-related business issues using primarily Chinese-language sources to provide updates and reports in English to full-time staff
  • Aiding with written translations of internal and external materials between Chinese and English
  • Assist in organizing and running USCBC events, including issues luncheons, ad-hoc roundtables of senior executives, and the annual China Operations Conference
  • Assist full-time staff with administrative tasks such as answering phone calls, arranging express delivery, and other duties

Competitive candidates should have strong, demonstrated research and analytical experience using Chinese-language sources and fluency in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese.

The office recommends submitting your application as soon as possible, as they are reviewing applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis.
Chinese Webinar Series
大学沙龙, The Carter Center, Dragon Eagle TV, the China Research Center and the American Mandarin Society are co-hosting a series of online Chinese lectures. The series of lectures 《美国面面观》 focuses on the history and current status of US-China relations.

The next webinar is organized jointly by The Carter Center, the US Heartland China Association, and the China Research Center. It will be held on Saturday, January 23 at 8pm EST: Caught in the Crossfire: Student Experiences during the Downturn in U.S.-China Relations

This webinar will focus on the experiences of both American and Chinese students studying abroad in light of the developments in U.S.-China relations since 2016. The talk aims to provide the audience with insight into how U.S.-China relations affects the individual experiences of students as they pursue their education abroad. 
Job Opportunity

This position will play a key role in the expansion of the DFRLab’s policy work and research on China. You will be responsible for leading DFRLab research on Chinese information operations (IO), the Chinese information space, and the Chinese government’s impact on global democracy and human rights as it relates to its use, governance, and leveraging of technology. This will include ownership over existing DFRLab programs producing public reporting focused on Chinese disinformation narratives targeting domestic and international audiences. Such research will focus on identifying and explaining the origin and spread of narratives around elections, foreign investment, regional conflicts, and other issues pertaining to China’s sphere of influence. You will work closely with DFRLab’s policy, editorial, and research teams, as well as experts in the wider Atlantic Council, to support your day-to-day activities.

They are currently hiring for an immediate start-date. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and will be accepted until a suitable candidate has been selected.
Chinese-English Toastmasters Club
The ATA (American Translators Association) is setting up a Toastmasters club in January and are looking for members. This will be a Chinese-English bilingual club geared towards translators and interpreters, and will also be a great networking opportunity for industry professionals. With the Pathway program developed by Toastmasters, members will hone their public speaking skills progressively and apply those skills in speeches using both languages.

You may view the full club announcement on Facebook in English and 中文 for more details on how to apply, membership dues and more. Non-ATA members are welcome to apply.

To join, fill out an application and send it to The club number is 7847110. You do not have to fill out payment information on Page 3 yet.
Once the club reaches 20 people, Toastmasters will request a payment form filled out and sent directly to them. When they receive all the payments, the club will be officially chartered.

The next new member orientation will be this Sunday, January 17 at 6:00 PM EST (2 PM PST) on Zoom. Register here.
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