Issue No. 190 | Apr. 1, 2020
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
Weekly Readings
War of Words

As the war of words between the U.S. and Chinese governments continues, here is an interesting Chinese article calling for a more mature and rational public voice:

Industrial Internet

  • Policy analysis of《工业和信息化部办公厅关于推动工业互联网加快发展的通知》
This comprehensive analysis uses a Q&A format to introduce the proposed steps to accelerate the development of industrial internet in China. Xi Jinping has issued important instructions for the development of 工业互联网 for four consecutive years.
( Link to 通知 from 3/20/20).

This more simplified infographic explanation of the notice breaks it down into 6 aspects to be "sped up":
1) construction of new infrastructure, 2) expansion of innovative applications, 3) improvements to security systems, 4) momentum of innovative development, 5) improvement of industrial ecology, 6)
increased policy support.
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
qí xīn xié lì

Meaning : to work with a common purpose; to make concerted efforts / to pull together / to work as one

Original : “新冠肺炎疫情正在全球蔓延,给人民生命安全和身体健康带来巨大威胁,给全球公共卫生安全带来巨大挑战,形势令人担忧。当前,国际社会最需要的是坚定信心、齐心协力、团结应对,全面加强国际合作,凝聚起战胜疫情强大合力,携手赢得这场人类同重大传染性疾病的斗争。”

Source : Xi Jinping speech at the G20 special summit in Beijing on March 26, 2020.
Rural Hospitality
We are halfway through the Chinese Reading Challenge of 《乡土中国》by 费孝通. So far, we have covered topics in Chinese rural society such as literacy, the morality of personal relationships, family structure, and gender differences.
In this great articl e by AMS member Matthew Chitwood from 2018, he quotes Fei Xiaotong to illustrate rural hospitality in Bangdong, China:

“ 'To be a human in Chinese society is to be linked to others, to one’s parents, siblings, children and friends—and to fulfill the obligations of those linkages,' the pioneering Chinese sociologist Fei Xiaotong writes. 'Otherwise, the entire social system collapses.' ”
USCC Job Opportunity
The U.S.-China Commission is hiring a Policy Analyst for the Security and Foreign Affairs Team.

Under the direction of the Director for Security and Foreign Affairs and the Executive Director of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), the position is responsible for policy and issue analysis primarily in the fields of security and foreign affairs.

For those interested, more information on how to apply can be found   here .

The application deadline is April 14, 2020.

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