March 2017
Interns in Action     
Sample Collection
" We, the Parking Lot group, saw a lot of oil and grease. It is all coming from the cars and is leaking from the bottom. There is also a lot of TSS and pine needles. The pine needles are dropping from the trees right above the drain and is washing down the drain in the ocean. We have also realized that there are paint chips peeling off the curb of where there is red paint. "

Sample Analysis
Visual Observation
The field drain is clean and has a little bit of sediment and 1 leaf. The track is near the drain and kids play there. There were no spills or discharges. To prevent dirt from going into the drain we could build a small wall by the track near the drain. "

- Lola, 5th grade Ocean Knoll intern

DROPS Grant Update
In April 2017 construction will begin on three projects on EUSD school campuses funded by a DROPS grant from the state.  All aspects of the projects have been supervised by 5th and 6th grade SWPPP interns including topographic surveys, architectural and engineering plan review, plant selection, and contractor selection.
El Camino Creek
Along with help from EUSD's Purchasing Department, interns reviewed bids from contractors and awarded the project. Construction will begin during the students' spring break and will include new rain barrels and multiple biofiltration swales. 
Flora Vista
This is the site on Flora Vista campus where the interns will be supervising the construction of a meandering biofiltration swale. The students are holding up the detailed plans for the project that include topographic and architectural details.
La Costa Heights
Spencer, a 6th grade SWPPP Internship Program veteran, researched with this SWPPP class to choose plants that will grow well in the soil, moisture and light conditions of their forthcoming bioswale as well as serve as filters for runoff from the parking lot.
Field Trips
Lincoln Middle School
Lincoln Middle School's ZWPPP interns were awed to watch microbes gobble up contaminants at Oceanside's San Luis Rey Wastewater Treatment Plant.

ZWPPP is a program unique to Lincoln that focuses on zero waste + stormwater pollution prevention.

San Dieguito Academy
San Dieguito Academy interns toured San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility to see what happens to water that goes down the plumbing drains on their campus and then toured San Elijo Lagoon to see how runoff from their school campus flows directly to the lagoon.

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