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We are very happy to announce that John Ehmann, A&R Director at Interscope Records, is joining Arlive.com!  John is now available on Arlive.com to review your music for consideration at Interscope Records and provide you with professional feedback on your music.


Interscope is home to the likes of Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas, U2, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, N*E*R*D., Nelly Furtado, Cold War Kids, American Idol, and many more.


Check out this sound-bite from John inviting you to join him on the Hookup!

John Ehmann Soundbite


"This is John  Ehmann, A&R Director for Interscope Records, home to Eminem, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, U2, Black Eyed Peas, just to name a few.


My background includes being an A&R Manager at the RCA Music Group, where I discovered and signed B.C. Jean as well as contributed to Leon Lewis, Monica, and Mario's projects.


I'm currently looking for songs for American Idol and discovering new talent. I'm looking for Pop, Pop/Rock, Urban acts, and songs for our Roster as well.


So please join me on my next A&R Live Hookup with Arlive.com. I'll answer your questions on what we look for in talent, share inside secrets on record deals, listen to your music and give you live feedback on the spot. Remember, if you have the talent, we've got the Hookup at Interscope Records and Arlive.com! I'll talk to you then."  -  John Ehmann, A&R Director, Interscope Records 



About our A&R Live Hookup and Quick Demo Review programs


The A&R Live Hookup is a live teleconference music industry workshop and demo review session. On the line will be yourself, a host from Arlive.com, and a record company A&R. You will receive guidance on the demo shopping process from your host, meet the A&R, ask questions, and get your music reviewed live on the spot for deal consideration at the A&R's record company.


The Quick Demo Review is a demo submission through our website. Once you submit your music through Arlive.com, the A&R is notified and signs in to their account to listen to your music. Upon reviewing your music, they audio record their feedback using our QDR recording tool. This recording is then sent to your arlive.com inbox as a streaming link.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach us online at www.arlive.com/support or by phone at 877-638-6522 ex 702. 



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"I got my big break by attending the Hookup" - Infinity, Producer of "Take Me As I Am" on Mary J' Blige's Grammy Award winning album, The Breakthrough.

"On the A&R Live Hookup is where it all started" - Justin McCain, Guitarist for Emphatic, newly signed Atlantic Records band out of Omaha, NE.

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About A&R Music Live, LLC. 

A&R Music Live is an independent A&R and consulting company that guarantees artists, producers, and songwriters have their music heard by major record company A&R for deal consideration and feedback on the spot. No wait. No middleman. Speak live with A&R!

With a Better Business Bureau rating of A+, A&R Music Live has more top level A&R than any other site on the web, who actually listen to your music for deal consideration, answer your questions, and give you live feedback on the spot. The Hookup provides real opportunities for song and production placement on major label projects and deal consideration for great talent! So if you are sitting on great music and talent, bring your "A Game" because the opportunities are real!
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