Week 1: RESET

This week's theme is RESET.

"Make your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

Neslon Mandela
Today's Advice
RESET Warrior! Keep going!

Have you found an accountability partner? If not, try these options:
  • Ask a family member or work friend to join the challenge and support each other on your journey to a healthier lifestyle
  • Contact the Director of Healthy Living, Cori Strathmeyer, and she will connect you with a Y Wellness Staff member
  • Check the Strong Life Facebook Community to find a virtual partner.

Why do you need an accountability partner? To help keep you, well, accountable. Your partner will help you stay on track with your goals and will be your cheerleader along the way. And, when help others be accountable, it helps you stay motivated, too! Strength in numbers! That is what this challenge is all about. Community members helping each other be well.
Hear from our team!
How to fit physical activity into a busy day
Life is busy: kids, school, work, parents, more work, household tasks. How can we fit in 30 minutes of physical activity each day?

Here are some tips that work for our Wellness Staff members, keeping them accountable to complete their own workouts.
  • Go to bed between 9 and 10 pm to wake up early for pre-work-day workouts. Other workout times are immediately before dinner or right after. - Lisa Schreiber    

  • Sneak in squats while cooking meals. Use a stability ball for your desk chair, and gain core stength while sitting! Park the farthest spot from the grocery store door to get in extra steps. When carrying your groceries into your house, do lunges. Who cares if you embarrass your daughter or your neighbors think you are a little strange. - Heather Moore

  • Have an accountability partner for workouts. Keep fitness tools, such as a mat and resistance band, near your TV and do some extra exercises while catching up on your shows. - Erika Helwig

  • Exercise with your kids. Make it a game so that everyone has fun. - Paige Nenstiel

  • Break it up. Take it on. Believe. - Meghan Hayes
  • First thing in the morning, drink water and exercise, before getting caught up in other tasks. Even if it is 15 minutes, you can repeat mid-morning. - Karen Mummert

  • If your job is sedentary, move once every hour. Drink lots of water to ensure many trips to the bathroom (good hydration and extra steps!). Take the stairs. Walk outside for at least 10-15 minutes for a change of scenery. - Steph Cucina

  • Commit to a time, morning or evening. Keep it small and make it fun. Lay out your gear ahead of time. Move your feet before you eat. Unplug and set goals. - Bonnie Rehemeyer

  • Do it before your days get hectic or you start house chores. Just Do It, like Nike says. lol. - Shannon Ratcliffe

  • Schedule it into your day and stick to it. - Pam Mears

  • Put it on the calendar and block out time in the day. Tell your friends and family members to help keep you accountable. In-person Group Exercise classes are excellent for staying committed. - Alisha Malcarne

  • Get a dog. Walk him daily. Stay active together. - Morgan Strathmeyer
Workout with Us!
Daily at 5:30 pm

Check out our Premieres on YouTube! Each evening at 5:30 pm, a new video is released. Can't make it at 5:30? No problem! These videos are saved to our playlists and you can access them at your convenience.

What is Interval Training and it is only for athletes?
Interval Training is an efficient way to increase cardiorespiratory and muscular strength and endurance for all fitness levels, including beginning exercisers and athletes. This format includes alternating blocks of work: high intensity effort and low intensity active rest.

Imagine walking briskly in your neighborhood. As you approach the 10th house, you run past it, then resume walking. You repeat the process of running past the 10th house during your entire walk. This is interval training!

Interval Training is short in duration and includes a variety of intervals to help participants stay motivated.

If you are new to interval training, check out Cori Strathmeyer's tutorial below.
To get right to a workout, click the play button in the videos below. Join Meg Hayes for a Low Impact Interval Workout or Shannon Ratcliffe for a High Intensity option.

Additional videos can be found on our YouTube channel at the following link:

Music to Motivate!

A little techno to inspire high intensity moves

Around the Community!
Stewart Companies is not just a sponsor of RESET; they're also a sponsor for our LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program, which empowers cancer survivors to regain their physcial, mental, and emotional health after their brave battles with the deadly disease!
Check out this message to their team below to learn more about their impact!
Spirit, Mind and Body
by Larry M. Richardson,
President/CEO, YMCA of York and York County

Luke 2:52

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”

Dr. Luther Gulick helped to found the physical department in 1897 at what is now known as Springfield College. Dr. Gulick created what is now known as the inverted triangle while at the college. We in the YMCA recognize this as the YMCA triangle where the three sides of the triangle represent “spirit, mind and body.”