August 2018
Dear Fellow Alum,

The Phillips 66 National Championships in Irvine, CA proved to be the perfect venue for our final National Team Alumni Social of the year! More than 40 alums along with their friends and families attended on Saturday, July 28 to make a spectacular event.

Watching the morning’s competition from the Speedo VIP Deck was fun, especially with so many alums in attendance : Kelli Anne King Bednar, Elizabeth Beisel, Dave Berkoff, Steve Bultman, Jeff Commings, Byron Davis, Josh Davis, Julie de Fabrique, Kathy Heddy Drum, Bruce Furniss, Steve Furniss, Rowdy Gaines, Brian Goodell, Jessica Hardy Meichtry, Courtney Hart, Whitney Hedgepeth, Keri Hehn, Cullen Jones, Kara Lynn Joyce, Alex Kostich, Jeff Kostoff, Kristy Kowal, Lenny Krayzelburg, Jason Lezak, David Marsh, Megan Melgaard, John Moffet, Bev Montrella, John Naber, Megan Dorothy Oesting, Rada Owen, Scot Robison, Gabrielle Rose, Rich Saeger, Dave Salo, Kaitlin Sandeno, Andy Schmidt, Jill Sterkel, Jack Tingley, Jon Urbanchek, Scott Usher, Chris von Saltza Olmstead, Steve West and Frank Thomas Winters!

Thanks to all who attended, including USA Swimming President and CEO Tim Hinchey and USA Swimming COO Mike Unger for sharing insights on the state of the sport and our current U.S. National Team. A very special thanks goes to our guest speaker, Olympic Champion Kelsi Dahlia . Kelsi shared her experience as one of the recipients to the USA Swimming Foundation Donor and Athlete Partner Program award . The Foundation will support eight National Team athletes in 2018, providing critical financial support to our National Team athletes and an opportunity for the families and athlete to develop a partnership and friendship that goes beyond the pool deck. In total, $700,000 will be provided to these athletes!

If you have not joined the USA National Team Alumni Group on Facebook, do so here to connect with fellow alums outside of our Alumni Social.

To see photos from the Phillips 66 National Championships Alumni Social, click here .

Mel Stewart
USA Swimming Foundation Ambassador
Alex gets a workout in with Rowdy Gaines in the 2018 Phillips 66 National Championships pool between prelims and finals in Irvine, CA.
One of our alumni peers is a member of The Academy, the exclusive group of artists and industry insiders who vote for Hollywood’s Academy Awards. That alum is Alex Kostich, Senior VP of Marketing at Participant Pictures. Alex is a Tinsel-town veteran with more than 25 years of experience producing high-level media to promote both film and television . He’s also still swimming and is an accomplished open water pro.

“My parents were both swimmers,” he explained. “My dad was a celebrated open water swimmer in his native Yugoslavia back in the day. Moving to Los Angeles, I discovered ocean swimming which was just becoming a legitimate sport after years of obscurity. As a way of extending my career and switching it up a little, I entered my first ocean race.”

Alex has been competing and winning open water events all over the globe, but competing is more about the total experience for him. Alex loves to travel (he's a pro at that as well), whisking off to far-flung exotic locations. What’s so impressive is how he races open water, captures photos and video, plays tourist, then returns home — all in one weekend. Alex does this a lot. If you follow him on social media, his travels appear to be a second career.

Alex is in development on a television show, Travel Ninja , and the trailer looks wildly entertaining. If you don’t know Alex, connect with him on Facebook here and cheer him on. Who knows, maybe Alex will let us do a guest appearance if his show gets picked up for distribution… 
2018 USAS Convention Luncheon

Friday, September 28
Noon to 1:30 pm
The River Club Ballroom
Jacksonville, FL

Tickets are now available.
Click here to learn more.
Do you live in the Florida area or plan to attend the 2018 United States Aquatics Sports Convention in Jacksonville?

Then please join us at the USA Swimming Foundation’s Celebration Luncheon, honoring the success of the Pan Pacific Championships Swim Team !

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Rowdy Gaines will be the emcee!
The special guest will be USA Swimming’s open water standout Hannah Moore . Hannah is a rising star, making her first U.S. National Team at the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships after winning silver in the 5K at Open Water Nationals.
A portion of your ticket price will be a donation to the USA Swimming Foundation and support our mission to save lives and build champions – in the pool and in life.

Interested in attending? Reserve your seat today!
Brian Goodell: Everyone loves this 1976 Olympic gold-medal-winning distance star. It should be no surprise he was elected to the City Council of his beloved Mission Viejo back in 2016. This Hall of Fame swimmer is doing well, still in the real estate business through his company The Gold Medal Group, and he’s still inspiring everyone with his speeches via Gold Medal Minds. Connect with Brian on Facebook here.
Courtney Shealy Hart: This 2000 Olympic champion has helmed the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Swim and Dive Team since 2009. Over the last eight years, Courtney has built her program into an ACC powerhouse. She’s a Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame inductee, and she’s still found time to develop several Make a Splash Local Partner learn-to-swim programs, serving the Atlanta area. Connect with Courtney on Facebook here.
Kara Lynn Joyce: This 4-time Olympic medalist is everywhere, hosting podcasts, calling races as a TV analyst, and building one of the best experiential events geared toward female swimmers. Lead Summit is unique and impactful, energized by the help of her Olympic peers and guest speakers Missy Franklin and Elizabeth Beisel . Kara has found her calling to inspire and empower young women through athletic development. Catch up with Kara here.
Kristy Kowal: The   Olympic medalist and first U.S. woman to win a World Championship 100m breast title has been teaching elementary school in Pennsylvania for over 15 years. Now Kristy's moving to Southern California. "I've always been a beach girl and love the ability to be active outdoors. I am in the process of getting my California teaching certificate. I'm open to all sorts of opportunities California brings, and I will continue my work with RISE Athletes, mentoring youth in sport."  Connect with Kristy on Facebook  here .
Olympian Bruce Hunter passed July 6, 2018, the date of his 79th birthday. Bruce was a Harvard All-American and swam on the 1960 Olympic Team, placing 4th in the 100 free with a time of 55.6.

This photo shows Lance Larson , left, and Bruce at the 1960 Olympic Trials after finishing 1-2 in the 100 free.
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