ACE interviews Enna Krnjic:

When did you start playing tennis? How old where you, and tell us why you chose tennis?
I started when I was 4 years old. My parents signed me up for summer camp at Burlington Tennis Club, and later on that same year in September, they enrolled me at Ace because I enjoyed playing, and ACE has lots of indoor courts. My parents put me into tennis because they thought it was a really nice sport for a girl!

Can you remember back to the beginning, what was your experience like?
When I first started playing tennis, I was very, very lazy, so whenever my parents were like; “let's go to tennis” I wouldn't be thrilled about that as there was a lot of hard work to put into practice. Coach Kyrylo made sure that we are all top athletes in his group, so you better bring everything you have with you when you come to practice.   

At what point did you decide to take tennis seriously?
Over time, I realized that I really started to enjoy tennis, and all the challenges tennis brings! Tennis just keeps growing on me, even to this's a great place to meet friends for life, stay fit and healthy. When I finished my second year of Mini Tennis, many coaches and people told me that I had a lot of talent and that I should take advantage of it, and ever since I heard it from multiple people. I started thinking about tennis in a different and more serious way. I have been at Ace for almost 11 years now. Every year brings a new experience and new challenge, not only for me, but for everyone!

How much do you train right now, and how does that work for you in terms of school and social activities?
Right now, I am involved in the International program in the morning from 6-7:30am and the National program from 2:30-5:30pm. Private tennis and fitness lessons come on top of the program. I also attend the Saturday morning group from 8am-11am. If you add up all my hours per week, it adds up to be about 15 hours of tennis, plus 7-10 hours of fitness. This summer I am planning to take an online class for high school so I can leave school early starting September in order to come for tennis on time and not miss much of school. During lunch breaks, I will also take an elective class. This way I can lighten my schedule, so I can balance school and tennis better and not stress myself due to the busy schedule, and very few hours left in a day to do everything. This way I can focus better while I am in school or on the tennis court. Knowing how to balance school and tennis is very important in order to be successful.    
What is it like to have a personal coach that pushes you?
Brandon is my private coach. Brandon and I have a very long history. :-) He was my coach in mini tennis and he is still my coach almost 9 years later. He can be very harsh on me because he sees the talent in me, even on the days when I don't think I'm playing my best tennis. Brandon never let’s me get down on myself! I have to thank him for all his patience and his hard work that he invested in me. I have to thank him for all the results I achieved and the person that I am today. Tennis coaches don’t only teach you tennis, they are your life mentors as well.

Tell us about competing, how does it feel being all alone out there on the court?
Playing tournaments is sometimes very stressful because you always want to win, but you can’t win every single match. Even thought I hate to loose it teaches me a lesson in life as well. You need to experience both of them to become a true champion. 

Your mom is involved with tennis as well, tell us about that?
My mom loves to play tennis with my aunt and my uncle. My parents always tells me how fortunate I am that we can afford to play tennis. My mom warms me up for my matches sometimes by hitting with me. She only wants the best for me and my tennis so I completely understand why she is really tough.
What has your experience with ACE Tennis Academy meant to you?
My experience with Ace tennis is very good. Over the last couple of years, coaches have helped me get through so much and make me get to a level that I never thought that I could achieve. We at ACE have some of the best coaches here in Canada and I think that ACE kids are very fortunate to have all these qualified tennis and fitness coaches in house. Their coaching skills and toughness is one of the things that I value the most, I think; that not just me, but everyone is super fortunate to have these amazing coaches.
The feeling of just being on the tennis court is a feeling that I can’t describe, how lucky I am to have the opportunity to play tennis! It's one of the best things that has ever happened to me!   
One more question before we let you go on with your busy schedule, what is your plan for the future?
My plan for the future is to go to a very good university and get a full scholarship and then turn pro. I know that I still have a long way to go but I am working very hard right now to achieve this goal.
Enna with Sienna.
Stringing her own racquet.
With her mom....and Nadal's uncle Toni Nadal!