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Interview Questions - Do You Have a Clue?


Welcome to Hiring Solutions Summer News!  As always, we appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to spend a few minutes with us.  We hope you find our newsletter content useful to you and your business!
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Hiring Solutions is here to support you and bring you essential business solutions.  This month, we are talking about interview questions.


Techniques and Strategies

Don't waste your time and $$ on ineffective interviews.


The whole point of the interview in the hiring process is to learn if your candidate matches your job description. How much information you receive and how useful that acquired information will be in making an employee-related decision depends, largely, on the effectiveness of your questioning techniques. Ineffectively worded questions can have as great an impact as effective questions. Read more...
Five Types of Interview Questions
An effective interview will include five types of Questioning Techniques
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Open-ended Questions
  • Hypothetical Questions
  • Probing Questions
  • Closed-ended Questions
Competency Based Questions
Competency-based questions should take about 70% of the interview. A competency is a skill, trait, quality, or characteristic that contributes to a person's ability to effectively perform the duties and responsibilities of a job. Competency questions delve into the candidate's tangible or technical skills, their knowledge, behavior, and interpersonal skills.  Read more...


"There are a host of alternative pre-employment testing available. I work with Hiring Solutions because their testing and assessment solution is easily administered and interpreted. The evaluation and reports may be "tailored" to fit your job description and duties. And most importantly, Hiring Solutions is highly responsive and professional, speedily offering answers to questions or new requests."


- Marie Warner, President, Warner Professional Sales


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Summer 2014
Interview Questions - Techniques and Strategies
Five Types of Interview Questions
Competency-based Questions
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The Personality Plus

The Personality Plus from The Hiring Suite measures ten innate personality traits essential to business: 
  • Organization
  • Sensitivity
  • Imagination
  • Flexibility
  • Recognition
  • Tension
  • Probing Level
  • Social Need
  • Assertiveness
  • Competitiveness 

The reports include:

~customized interview questions

~training and managing tips

~custom profile reports

~psychograph report




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