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Quantum Navigation & Ronald Holt
Over the years I spent a lot of time with Lyssa Royal Holt, attending her contact retreats both in Japan and USA and interviewing her and some of the beings she channels for the show. A big part of Lyssa's work has been incorporating her husband Ron's work which he calls Quantum Navigation. In these Episodes, I sit down with Ron and discuss his extraordinary encounters with many different beings and his work called Quantum Navigation. 

There is a part of us that is ever awake, always watching the small self that is having a human experience. This Big Self fully understands, from a bird's eye perspective, the complete picture of our many existences and why we choose the lives and challenges that we do in the here and now. This Big Self is our integrated consciousness that exists on the quantum level. It is outside of time and space. It communicates constantly to us, but without verbal or intellectual language. It communicates from the quantum level, using the tools of metaphor, synchronicity, and emotional resonance in order to nudge us toward our unique awakening process. This is the Quantum Navigator -- the aspect of the Big Self whose insights and guidance are filtered through the unconscious and the subconscious minds.

Quantum Navigation represents the next step in human evolution. Like all authentic spiritual paths, it is an epic journey, unique for each person, and available to any sincere practitioner ready for adventure.

Reuben Langdon
Every single thing shared by Ron Holt in his workshops and private sessions comes from his own experience rather than books. Because of this, the guidance he offers is paradoxically profound and simple. Ron's goal in his work is to help individuals experience self-sufficiency in their awakening process. He wishes to help students see that no one outside of them has the power to transform them. Ron is a guide to help us move to the next level of awakening - he calls his work Quantum Navigation.
In last month's "Making Contact with Lyssa Royal Holt" episode, I showcased some testimony from Lyssa's most recent Contact Retreat, including footage from actual craft that were called in. Now that footage is available fore free HERE.

Also check out the full Interview episode, here, where Lyssa discusses some of her contact protocols and how the contact work has evolved over the years.
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