Interview with

Mr. Charles McConnell

Executive Director
Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability
University of Houston

Former Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of Energy

We are hosting Mr. Charles McConnell, Executive Director, Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability, University of Houston; Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy, at the Energy Transition Symposium, being held on September 29, 2021.
We interviewed Mr. McConnell in preparation for the symposium (video links are included below).

Mr. McConnell provides an energetic, vivid and expansive perspective on energy transition. It was invigorating to listen to his views and ideas on how to ensure the energy transition is successful.

Please enjoy the conversation and share your feedback on the interview.
And, see you on Sep 29!

About Mr. Charles McConnell:

• Industry business executive at Praxair, Battelle, and Department of Energy with National Laboratories management interaction and leadership as DOE Assistant Secretary of Energy. Recognized in domestic and global companies/trade associations; served in specific Subject Matter Expert testimonies in the House and Senate, industrial and opinion forums.
• Grew international sales and operations teams in Asia for Praxair. Expanded Praxair’s global footprint with $1.1B new investments in 6 new countries in Asia, South America, and Europe; generated sales growth of $850M/year.
• Grew Praxair domestic Hydrogen business by 200% over 5-year period to $450M/year concentrated in USGC.
• Developed PEMEX’s 1st large-scale on shore enhanced oil recovery project for nitrogen injection in southern Mexico with $150M investment.
• Established initial Praxair Asia HQ in Singapore and created regional country management team.
• Established and led Carbon management business unit while at Battelle.
• Business Manager of alternative energy business joint venture between Texaco and Praxair in gasification.
• Served as Presidential appointee as Assistant Secretary of Energy - Office of Fossil Fuel. Forged National Laboratory and Interagency collaborations with DOI, EPA, OMB, and other federal agencies; led interdisciplinary research between industry, academia, and strategic industry partners (over 50 Fortune 500 companies) in O&G, petrochemicals, and electric power.
• Directed DOE Office of Fossil Energy’s policy leadership, project management, and research and development of department's coal, oil & gas, electric power, and advanced technologies programs.
• Chaired sessions and continues in key role with International Energy Agency (IEA) and Energy Information Agency (EIA).
• Led US Strategic Petroleum Reserve and National Energy Technologies Laboratories operations and business management
• Serves as Board Member of the Energy and Environment Research Center in North Dakota.
Part 1: About Mr. McConnell; Career Twists 

Which career philosophy guided Mr. McConnell that can become a powerful way for all of us to build and grow our careers?
How to deal with unpleasant assignments and less favorable twists in your career? 
Part 2: Carbon Management & Energy Sustainability 

About the Carbon Management & Energy Sustainability Center at the University of Houston.

How does the industry and the university work together to solve pressing problems that have no precedence? 

Part 3: Natural Gas Solutions
How energy transition is changing the thinking from centralized solutions to decentralized solutions.
How new applications from natural gas are helping accelerate energy transition.
Part 4: Carbon Measurement
How will carbon intensity measurement play a role in energy transition?

Part 5: Energy Transition; Energy Demand; Emissions Management 

What is the definition of energy transition? Which components of energy transition are the most important? 

Part 6: Energy Transition Holistic Perspective 

What are the critical success factors for energy transition to succeed?
What is the holistic view of energy transition?

Part 7: Why Attend the Energy Transition Symposium?

Part 8: Career Advice 

"The Beginning of an Era
Energy transition is becoming a top focus area for oil and gas companies. Every transition has its challenges. How does the industry ensure a smooth and successful transition?
Current Focus Panel
Which initiatives have companies put in place to achieve energy transition? What is the level of focus, commitment, and what are the criteria for success? How is the organization design, and skills set being retooled?
Future Drivers Panel
How should the US develop a policy that will help companies achieve successful energy transition? Which factors – environmental, regulation & policy, activism, financial investments, new generational thinking – will prove to be the most potent in driving and sustaining energy transition? How should the different sources of energy be prioritized? Which hold the biggest promise, and the biggest risk? 

We are looking forward to hosting the following esteemed speakers in a powerful discussion:

  • Mr. William J. (John) Berger, Chairman, President and CEO, Sunnova

  • Ms. Leslie Beyer, CEO, Energy Workforce and Technology Council (moderator)

  • Ms. Stephanie Cox, Executive President Operations, Wood

  • Mr. Paul Doucette, Energy Transition Executive, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Leader, Baker Hughes 

  • Mr. Ravi Kathuria, President, Houston Strategy Forum (host & moderator)

  • Mr. Charles McConnell, Executive Director, Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability, University of Houston; Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy

  • Mr. Jay McKenna, Chief Executive Officer, Nacero Inc.

COVID Protocol

Given the rise of the Delta variant, for the safety of our attendees and team, we will be following a COVID protocol, which will include face masks and social distancing.
Energy Transition Symposium

Wednesday, September 29, 2021
11:30 AM until 2:30 PM

Petroleum Club - Total Plaza, 35th FLOOR
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