July 2020


Monica Muravha: Being a Youth Pastor/Leader in today's World
Monica Muravha: Being a Youth Pastor/Leader in Today's World


As we've mentioned in previous newsletters, the Reach4Life team is using multiple platforms to reach people. Monica Muravha, a Peer Educator who also assists with R4L administrative needs, has begun doing a series of interviews. We thought you might enjoy hearing her interview with Sifiso Sithebe, who is also a R4L Peer Educator and a youth leader at Gospel Power Restoration Ministries. We thank both of them for all they are doing for the ministry.

As of today, South Africa has had 511,000 cases and 8,366 deaths, with the peak expected to come in September. It has the 5th highest number of cases in the world,after the US, Brazil, Russia and India. The country is running out of ICU beds and people are being placed in other wards or sent home to treat themselves there.Thandeka KaMavundla-Nzama (Thandy), Phakama's R4L program director reports:

"We have lost one peer educator and a few are now fighting for their lives. Gatherings of over 50 are still banned but with the spread of the virus increasing, even the smallest crowds are to be done under strict restrictions. We have extended the program to various media platforms and we can see the hand of the Lord at work. Thank you so much for all the prayers, care, and support we have received during this difficult time."  

To our African friends, please always use your masks and santizers, avoid being in crowds, and practice social distancing if at all possible. We love the creative ways you are doing R4L. We care about all of you and are praying for you!

Prevention Time is continuing to support the program workers with food parcels and in other ways. If you would like to donate to the coronavirus effort, please go to our donate page. On the "projects" dropdown box, please choose "coronavirus."

South Africa surpasses 500,000 Covid-19 cases, more than half of Africa's tally
South Africa surpasses 500,000 Covid-19 cases, more than half of Africa's tally


R4L is now on Joyous Radio, a well-loved Johannesburg radio station. The R4L team asked the station for a time slot and it was given to them at no cost. Peer Educator and R4L trainer, Tshepo "Sir Josh" Kgapane, has an hour-long program on Thursday mornings. The response has been great! Young people are taught a lesson, and a Q & A time is done towards the end of the show. (See the testimony below.)

"Hello, my name is Zelda Molefe, I'm 14 years old, I stay in Soweto. A friend told me about the R4L Radio show recently, few weeks back I tuned in on a Thursday morning. Tshepo was sharing on the lesson Living Loved on page 376, he shared about the promises of God in the Bible and how I have been so loved and given a new identity in Christ. I took notes and listened to the whole show. At the end of the show they gave out his number if you needed the R4L Bible. I called and the Reach4Life Bible was delivered to my house the next day. I have accepted Christ through the radio program and every Thursday I tune in and invite my friends to tune in their homes as well. I feel new and light in my heart.  I now have a friend called Jesus and I have joined a R4L WhatsApp group in my area, its been nice to belong. We chat about the word and we pray for each other. I am new believer growing each day as I read my Reach4Life Bible."


Due to concerns about COVID-19, we will not be having a garage sale this year. However, we are going forward with our clothing drive, which we will be extending through the end of the year.  We are collecting the same items as in the past - gently used clothes, shoes, purses, belts, bedding (no pillows), backpacks, drapes, and fabric-y type stuff.  Donations can be dropped at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, under the porch or in front of the garage doors if the weather is good. Donation receipts can be taken from a bag on the porch. We appreciate those of you who are telling your friends about it.We know this is happening because people are telling they are "friends of...." 

We are still hoping to have our auction, which is scheduled for October 10 at Sacajawea Middle School in Federal Way. Please mark your calendars for this event. Since it will be in the gym, we feel we can safely spread out and practice social distancing, along with other safety precautions such as wearing masks. We will keep you updated if there are any changes to our plan. Thanks for your help with our fundraisers!


Bongiwe Ntombela (left) shares "I am a new Reach4Life coordinator in the new area of Ephayikeni village (KwaZulu Natal province). Though there is Covid and lockdowns, R4L is still expanding. It has reached my village which is a small community of farmers. If there's been ever a time where our youth need hope and real-life answers, it is now. In my village many grandma's have passed away because of the virus, which is a disaster in this poor community as they are the backbones of these families and primary care givers, since parents have died in the past due to AIDS. Twice a week I lead a small group of community teens.  The Lord is helping us and we are praying for a better and bigger venue so that we can have better social distancing. The food parcels from Prevention Time have been a blessing to me and my family. I appreciate the love we have received from our far away friends caring for us even when we are not operating in bigger ministry scales as before, Jesus is Lord even in these tough times, let all stand strong in Christ's unconditional love.


Cape Town high schools are now open for 12th grade only. The team had a wonderful time giving out the R4L Bibles, which were originally scheduled to be given out the end of March. Standing at the back of the classroom  is Mama Masizane, wife to coordinator Pastor Masizane. She and her husband recovered from Covid about two months ago. Teachers have voiced their appreciation to the team for coming in weekly to meet with the kids. Student Lucas Mboyi (front),  says "I was so sad when schools closed just before we could receive our R4L Bibles, which I have seen in other schools. This Bible is full of truth and fun stories that relate to my challenges. Thank you so much to the brave team for coming and giving us our Bibles. I have never had a Bible! The Reality Bites are my favourite topics. I am going to be a better young man now that I know the truth."

Pictured above is a Lesotho R4L group. Lesotho is the last African country to see COVID cases, which just started mid-May. So far, they have had 718 positive cases and 19 deaths. With two ICU beds, a handful of ventilators for the whole country, and a government medical staff striking due to insufficient protective gear, fighting COVID will be difficult there. In spite of those challenges, two Peer Educators are running a successful Reach4Life WhatsApp group, reaching about 50 young people in their village. 


Ayanda Khumalo (right), Mangosuthu University student in her second year studying Analytical Chemistry, shares, "I came to know Christ when I was doing Grade 7 through the R4L program in my Primary school. I went on with the Program all through my high school. The R4L book changed my life. Coming from a broken home, raised by a "gogo" (grandma), I didn't have much hope for the future. An area coordinator took me into her home when my uncles chased me away because of my faith. Today I am a Varsity student through the help of a scholarship I got. We closed campus in March due to Covid-19. When I returned to the village there was a R4L campaign, recruiting University students to mentor  R4L volunteers called "Foxes" (Foxes are young people still in school, who teach classes to students in lower grades. The term "fox" comes from the story about Samson tying the tails of foxes together and they ran through the fields and set the whole field on fire....except these foxes set people on fire!) I have loved training my "Fox." She is learning a lot in the word and when she goes back to school, she'll start a group and lead it. Reach4Life is creating future leaders through God's word."
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