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Celestial Events. December 2017
Interview with Nadia Smirnova-Mierau
2018 Sensitive Degrees workshop
Activating August 7th Eclipse Degree
Horoscope Consultations

I am available for phone, skype or in-person consultations in New York City at the prices below. Please add $25 per extra chart. I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or device and listen to it. You can pay below and then email me for an appointment.

My fees are as follows:  
  In-Person Initial Consultation in NYC. $250  (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for email questions after the reading)       

Phone or Skype Initial Consultation. $225  (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for email questions after the reading)  
In-Person Update for the year ahead in NYC . $200 (60 minutes with opportunity for email questions after the reading. This only applies to those who have already had a reading with me. )
  Phone or Skype Update for the year ahead. $175 (60 minutes with opportunity for email questions after the reading. This only applies to those who have already had a reading with me.) 

 Additional people you want to look at in the context of your reading. $25 for
each additional chart. 

  Compatibility reading for an hour. $200 (60 minutes) This is NOT an individual reading but a look at the relationship and timing for the
relationship. O pportunity for email questions after the reading.)

    Choosing an Auspicious Date for an event. $200 for research and consultation. Phone or skype only. 
Astro*Carto*Graphy or locality readings or "Where in the World?"
$200 only phone or skype. 
(60 minutes) This is NOT an initial reading but only a look at location and timing for moving. Opportunity for email questions after the reading. You must provide places you are interested in.
Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area. $150 Only phone or skype. (60 minutes)This is NOT a horary chart but an examination of only one specific area or
question. Only for people who have had an initial reading.)
Gift certificates are available for all the above but please make sure before giving one that the recipient really would like to have an astrological reading.   
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Celestial Events 
December 2017 
   Dec 3 2017. Full Moon. 3:46 pm. 11 Ge 40. Sidereal. 17 Sag 39. Purvashadha.
   Dec 18 2017. New Moon. 6:30 am. 26 Sg 31. Sidereal. 2 Sg. 30. Mula. 

Retrograde and Direct Stations 

   Dec 3 2017. Mercury stations retrograde.  7:34 am. 29 Sg 18. Sidereal. 5 Sg 17. Mula.  
  Dec. 23, 2017. Mercury stations direct. 1:50 am. 13 Sg 00. Sidereal. 18 Sc 59. Jyestha.
Tropical Ingresses

   Dec 1 2017. Venus enters Sag . 9:13 am
   Dec 9 2017. Mars enters Scorpio. 8:59 am.
   Dec 20 2017. Saturn enters Capricorn. 4:48 am.
   Dec 21 2017. Sun enters Capricorn. 4:27 pm.
   Dec 25 2017. Venus enters Capricorn. 5:25 am. 

   Sidereal Ingresses  
   Dec 11 2017. Mercury enters Scorpio. 00:32 am.
   Dec 15 2017. Sun enters Sagittarius. 7:18 pm.
   Dec 20 2017. Venus enters Sagittarius. 11:15 am

  All times are listed according to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Krishnamurti ayanamsha is used for sidereal positions.

Hi all  

Hope you had a lovely holiday and best wishes for the New Year. For those driving, please remember to designate a driver, and go slowly and drive defensively. Just wanted to say that  I did a wonderful interview with Nadia Smirnova-Mierau (Long Island NCGR Chapter president and NCGR Board member) about my upcoming lectures and pre-conference eclipse workshop at UAC 2018. Please go to see it at Ronnie's interview 

Remember that prices change again for UAC on Jan. 5 so sign up for the conference and sign up for my workshop as well if you are interested in everything about eclipses including the three eclipses of 2018. UAC 2018

Also remember that my Sensitive 2018 Degrees workshop will take place in New York City and as a webinar. I have a few places left for the New York group so please do sign up. If you sign up too late, it will then be too late to get a larger venue, but you can always do the webinar. Scroll down.

And I am also just reprinting the information from last month's newsletter about the next week and Mars conjoining the eclipse point of august 7, 2017. Well I do hope that Mars will be a positive flow of enthusiasm instead of its more angry side.

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All good wishes for a happy, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful new year. 

2018 Sensitive Degrees:  Stations, Eclipses, Ingresses, and Aspects
(According to Tropical and Sidereal (Indian) zodiacs) 
Date: Sunday January 7, 2018. 
Time: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
Location: New York City/Simultaneous Webinar
  Fee: $50 for webinar
$60 for New York City.

Last day to register with a guaranteed live seat. 
Jan. 3

(The sooner you register if you wish to do it in person the better so I can secure a place with proper head count. If there are not enough in-person people I will ask if you would like to do webinar and refund the difference)
This annual workshop is back for a look at the coming year which will be filled with so many planetary signatures that we should expect the year ahead to continue to be a bumpy ride. This year the workshop will take place in New York City and held simultaneously as a webinar. And as usual  those of you who attend live as well as those who cannot make it live will get extensive handouts with charts and tables, audio mp3, and audio-visual mp4. As usual, these are from the point of view of both tropical and Indian (sidereal) astrology. 
This year's webinar 
2018 Sensitive Degrees: Stations, Eclipses, Ingresses, and Aspects  will be packed with information about 2018.  As usual, this Webinar will cover many of the degree areas of the chart that will affect you and the world including eclipses, retrograde and direct stations and cycles, ingress dates, and aspects. We will go through all of these providing you with charts and tables that you can use the entire year. 

Because there are five eclipses, and retrogrades of Venus and Mars, I will NOT recap all the technical explanation for eclipses and retrogrades as I have in the past, but will go into the timing of these phenomena, the degrees to watch for, how they affect your chart, and some forecasts for the year.  The summer will be an especially crazy ride with eclipses, Mars retrograde, and Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction. Some planetary signatures are as follows:
  • Eclipses.  January 31, February 15, July 13, July 27, August 11. August 21
    This year there will be five eclipses, with the eclipses of January 31 and February 15 as mirror or twin eclipses of August 7 and 21, 2017.  All the eclipses are part of the 18 year Saros cycle, and, except for the one on July 13, part of the 19 year Metonic cycle.
  • Planetary Stations. In addition to annual retrograde cycles of Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, this year there will be the important Mars retrograde June 26-August 27 and Venus retrograde from October 5-November 16. Mars retrograde will straddle Capricorn and Aquarius tropically and will only be in Capricorn sidereally. Venus retrograde will straddle Libra and Scorpio and will only be in Libra sidereally. 
  • Aspects. Some of the more important aspects that repeat themselves are as follows.

  • Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction. This conjunction occurs three times because Mars is retrograde: June 8,  July 20, and  Sep 26 2018.  Even though Mars conjoins Ketu every 22 months, this is the third time since 1900 that Mars retrograde has conjoined the South Node. Other dates were:  December 11, 1932, March 9, 1933, May 9, 1933 and  Jan. 27, 1950, March 7, 1950, June 19, 1950.  This is significant since in Indian astrology Ketu, or South Node, takes on the qualities of Mars, so it is like having a double Mars. Mars-South Node conjunction occurred during September 11, 2001. 
  • Other important aspects this year include:
    Mars square Uranus three times, Jupiter trine Neptune twice, Venus opposition Uranus three times. 
  • Tropical Ingresses. This year Uranus is highlighted since it will straddle Aries and Taurus before it definitively enters Taurus in 2019. Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8.  
  • Sidereal Ingresses. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10.
  • And so much more.  
  • Please register by January 3. 
  • Webinar                New York City. Upper West Side Location
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Activating August 7th Eclipse Degree

Those of you who follow my newsletters know that I put a lot of emphasis on when the Nodes conjoin the eclipse degrees, sometimes prior to the eclipse and sometimes after the eclipse. When I presented my eclipse webinar last summer, and wrote about it, I made it clear that even though so many of us were focused on the solar eclipse of August 21, we should not forget the lunar eclipse of August 7, though not total, still was important because as I have been saying for a long time, look at when the North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu) come t the eclipse degree sine that often if prior to the eclipse, starts what will come to a head or finish on the eclipse, or as in the present case, the Node conjoins the eclipse after so that what the eclipse may have started will culminate around the time that the Nodes hit that point. It may not even be about the same topic, but it may indicate something powerful and dynamic. And as I always say secrets, and things that are hidden, come to light.

If we look at the degrees and dates of the August 7 eclipse below, what we do see is that the Nodes (I use true nodes) are straddling the eclipse while Mars is squaring the Nodes and thus the eclipse degree. According to Indian astrology, Mars will aspect Ketu with its special 4th sign aspect and thus, it aspects the degree of the Moon at the Lunar eclipse, which Ketu now conjoins. Mars and Ketu (which acts like Mars) will indicate the possibility of aggression, and violence and accidents over the next ew weeks especially during the last week of December and the first week of January, when the degrees are within orb. If you look below to the tropical and sidereal degrees think about if you have a planet, point, or angle in your chart that conjoins the nodes and the eclipse of August 7th. Did anything happen to you that involves what those planets mean in your chart or the houses they rule?  Think about if something began, which then will culminate around this time. Also look and see in which house those degrees fall since even if you do not have a planet on that degree, the eclipse, and therefore the present Nodes, so have to fall in a particular house. 

But mostly as a general rule, slow down, since not only is it a holiday season, but it is also a Mars influenced season. If you personally are affected by Mars doing something in your chart, definitely slow down, avoid getting fevers and infections, and think before speaking. From the more positive expression of Mars, you may have more energy and enthusiasm that you have had in a while, and may get business opportunities and career opportunities. Again it all depends on what is activated in your chart. The thing to always watch with Mars is impetuous and impulsive acting, and getting into arguments with people, and speaking first and thinking later. 

 In terms of the world in general I think there will be high alert and possibly some incidents of terror, accidents, possible earthquakes, or just other governmental disruptions (not just in the U.S.) between December 23rd - January 6th. If you take a wider orb for the Nodes and Mars aspecting the eclipse degree then those will be the dates to watch.

As I finish the writing of this, there has been a train crash in Tacoma WA, and over the weekend a terrorist attack in a church in Pakistan.  And yes I know that it seems that at any given time there is a terrorist attack, shootings as in Las Vegas, riots as in Charlottesville, and just generally wildfires, hurricanes, floods, etc., And that is just the last six months in the U.S. alone.  I hope that these next few weeks do not bring about much of the craziness in the world that there are possibilities for. I only wish that the holiday season will provide lots of love, peace, celebrations, and prosperity for the new year. 

Below are the exact dates and degrees. 
August 7, 2017. Lunar Partial Eclipse. 6:11 pm GMT (Full Moon)
Tropical. 15° Aquarius 25'. Sidereal (Indian). 21° Cap 25'. Shravana  

December 31, 2017. South Node/Ketu conjoins exact degree of eclipse and North Node/Rahu is at the opposite degree of 15° Leo 25'. Sidereal (Indian). 21° Cancer 25'. 

On Jan. 2 Mars will be in the exact square with the Nodes. Mars will be at 15 Scorpio 14 (tropical) and the Nodes at 15 Aquarius-Leo 14,  and at 21 Libra 13 (sidereal) and the Nodes at 21 Capricorn-Cancer 13. 

Mars will exactly square the eclipse degree on January 3 and will go on to square the August 21 eclipse degree on January 24th. More then about the latter with discussion of the January 31 and Feb 15 eclipses in hte Jan. newsletter. 

(Note: This is the True Node and it is within one degree orb from December 16, 2017 at 16 Aquarius 25 through March 9, 2018 at 14 Aquarius 25.  The reason this is so long is that whenever you track the true node around the eclipses (which will be Jan. 31 and Feb. 15), it stations retrograde and direct and so it lingers around the same degree. I think the most important dates are still from December 26-January 8, with those two dates the most notable since the true node stations retrograde on those dates. 

You can review what I wrote last summer in July about the August eclipses at (July 27) and (Aug. 27)