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 Fall 2017
 Enter into the Intimate Experience of Embodied Wholeness...
Our ability to inquire into and with our life-giving-capacities offers immediate access to our essential wholeness:
a felt sense of connection and belonging -  
arising in each moment  as we open into 
a wider expanse  of living our lives.
Original Artwork by Addie Rementer 
Coming into the direct experience of movement and breath 
I can sense through the lens of my  heart 
a surprising,  yet steadfast  allegience,  
to the truth of our existence as humans. 
Please join me in these embodied explorations 
as we continue to make a place on Earth 
for wholeness to  thrive.
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Poetic Inspiratio n: 

What is Left to Say
By Lisel Mueller  

The self steps out of the circle;
it stops wanting to be the farmer, the wife, and the child. 

It stops trying to please by learning everyone's dialect;

it finds it can live, after all,

in a world of strangers.


It sends itself fewer flowers;

it stops preserving its tears in amber.


How splendidly arrogant it was

when it believed the gold-filled tomb

of language awaited its raids!

Now it frequents the junkyards

knowing all words are secondhand.


It has not chosen its poverty,

this new frugality.

It did not want to fall out of love

with itself. 


it celebrated itself

and richly sang itself,

seeing only itself

in the mirror of the world.


It cannot return. 

It assumes

its place in the universe of stars

that do not see it. Even the dead

no longer need it to be at peace.

Its function is to applaud.


(Gratitude to Kim Rosen for pointing the way to this miraculous poem!)

Fluid Body/Fluid Life
life on land
Oct 1st   &  Dec 6th 
1 - 4 pm 
2 remaining Sunday afternoon
workshops in the 
Santa Cruz area in 2017
at the Subud Center 
Please register 2 weeks prior 
to each event.
To Register online click here:
(2018 dates are coming soon!)

Special announcement Hot off the press:
Save the date!!!!
Feb 19th - 23rd, 2018
a special 5-day Somatic Movement immersion
Fluid Body/Fluid Life: 
The Yoga of Continuum

at the beautiful new 
1440 Multiversity 
outside Santa Cruz CA


follow the link here - 

This state-of-the-art gathering place, built in the grand spirit of Yosemite's Awahnee Hotel is tucked within a magnificent forest between Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley. 
With an organic spa and farm-to-table cuisine,  it's an easy getaway for superb restoration.

On the  R & R staff since the opening in May, Beth is thrilled to announce her special 5 day movement immersion!!
The catalog is at the printers and the announcement should be up soon. It is with great gusto I invite you all to partake in making a place for the healing work of deep embodiement to infuse our world with true intelligence.
Save the date!!
Soul of Continuum 2018
We are excited to announce our plans for the 2018 Soul of Continuum Retreat at Mt Madonna Center. The Retreat will be in the quiet area on the ridge above the main part of the center which affords a deep immersion into the natural world as part of the field of restorative inquiry and depth of entry into the heart of the practice of Continuum.
Currently the retreat is 50% enrolled. Reserve your spot now!
Contact Marilyn:
707-357 7234 

Beth Pettengill Riley and
The Moving Well

Beth Teaching at the Omega Institute,  J uly 2017
Photo Credit: Prue Jeffries
Beth Pettengill Riley MA in Education, Stanford University, RSME, RSMT, CYT, CCMT is a seasoned somatic movement activist with over 40 years of experience facilitating workshops in Continuum, Yoga & Meditation around the globe. A founding member of Mt Madonna Center, she has also been an invited presenter at Esalen, The Open Center and the Skyros Institute in Greece. Beth passionately engages embodiment as a spiritual path.  Her latest project, focusing on teens,  "The Embodied Generation", is re-imagining and inspiring true physical education in the 21
st century. For the past 10 years she has developed programs in Dance and Health Education for middle and high schools. She is President of the Board of the International Somatic Movement and Therapy Association and will represent ISMETA as a panelist at the National Dance Educator Association meeting in Texas in November. In addition, Beth is enjoying her position on the teaching faculty of the newly opened 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA. She maintains a private practice in the Santa Cruz area teaching classes and workshops and assisting individuals in finding greater freedom of movement.

For more information please visit: www.themovingwell.com

contact info: 
email: beth@themovingwell.com 

Beth P Riley