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Welcome to our newsletter for the New Year. We wish you abundant blessings for 2016!

In this issue, one of our Conveners, Tu Bears, shares inspiration for the season ahead; in the HerStory section we travel around the globe to see what's happening in GTW circles and we share some photos from our 2015 Annual Gathering that was held in Florida at the end of October/ early November and as always, we share with you a selection of resources available to you if you are seeking more information about Gather the Women.

As GTW evolves and grows we have identified an area where we require support. We are seeking a Fundraising Consultant... please see the end of the newsletter for more details.

With love to each of you

Circle on the Shadow Side of the Moon
- Tu Bears

On the shadow side of the moon there are more stars than any of us could ever believe and beyond the greatness of heaven is an infinite gathering of paparazzi with flashing lights.  They wait in anticipation for every golden flutter to make the big time.  Of course, we all want to walk the red carpet and have a star with our name on the boulevard.  Is there glory in heaven waiting for a nurse, a teacher, or a waitress?  How about a janitor, an auto-mechanic, or a hairdresser?  Maybe even a single paparazzo could make it to the top with the right subject matter in her camera's eye.  Gathering in circle, speaking from our hearts, giving rise to every voice opens the greatness of heaven beyond the shadow side of the moon.  Here we are in winter, time to dig deeper into our dens, deliberating and pondering on what gifts we would like to bring forward.  A time to delve into our heart's desires, our creative purpose, and our golden mission in life as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, friends, teachers, and life companions.  Each of us ready to lead circle at the drop of a hat, on the boulevard to fame or under a redwood canopy in the forest.  For every circle we, as women create on earth, the stars are gathering on the shadow side of the moon.  Every woman has a star waiting to hear her voice.

Gather the Women Around the World...

Rowdy Brewick ~ Rapid City, South Dakota, USA
December 2015
Nearly 30 women attended our Winter Solstice celebration on December 22nd. So many wonderful practices and positive ideas were shared to help keep us focusing on the light. Thanks for the words of wisdom, great treats and sister support and good humor. Don't forget to put January 23rd on your calendar for the next GTW gathering and watch for more info regarding the activity. In love and light, Rowdy

Onyxe Antara ~ Bangkok, Thailand
November 2015
The day of the Paris attacks also marked the inaugural gathering of GTW Bangkok in Thailand. We opened the circle with a moment of silence for all whose lives were impacted by the senseless tragedy. Seven women from all over the world, mostly strangers before that night, met with hearts open and searching for connection, depth, and Sisterhood. Together we set the foundation for our group to nurture ourselves, each other and the collective whole. It felt like coming home into the warm embrace of Love. 

Patricia Queritet ~ Antwerp, Belgium
December 2015
In our last circle we were 16 women - meditating, connecting, sharing in a beautiful chapel. As it was the last circle of the year we asked ourselves what to let go, what we were deeply grateful for and what we wanted to create or be born. After this we came in circle and started singing - it was magical !!! Next circle will be in the water in an aquatempel, where we can relax, breathe, and be craddled in the water, by our sisters.

Anatole Couch ~ Oceanside, California, USA

December 2015
Last night was yet another amazing journey together as we discussed Bluebeard and chanted in song with one another. Beautiful night and I thank each of you for your presence.

Katharina Serbert ~ Munich, Germany
December 2015
We had our beautiful Monthly Gather the Women Call Circle near Winter Solstice and the twelve Celtic Sacred Nights. We came together around our beloved virtual fire place and dived into the theme of 'darkness, shadow & light, dying, death & rebirth - the time of passage & transformation'. We listened to beautiful poems our sister Pavithra shared with us. A talking piece went from woman to woman and we shared deeply from our hearts about what touches us deeply and is going on in our inward world, how each of us is living the quality of this time, how we are connecting with darkness and the spirals of life, seasons and cycles. We shared about water and its deep symbolism, we heard about c and sat hand in hand and heart to heart while we were enjoying the huge gift of gathering in circle with sisters. We bathed in gratitude, connectedness and bliss. What a heart lighting and connecting circle in the darkest time of the year, thank you so much!
Gather the Women Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Anna Naggiar ~ Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
November 2015
I held our first circle at my house, on Nov. 21. Took about 2 years to get it off the ground....From when I became an RC for VA. We had 5 women total.
We sat around a table in circle format. It was an introductory circle.
What was shared was mostly the need for circle. Many of the women came needing a place to share and to feel included due to current life circumstance... This was the first circle for all of us. We spoke of grief, and rituals, and need for not feeling alone and finding like-minded women. We would like to meet before the holidays again. 

Gather the Women Annual Gathering 2015 at DaySpring Centre, Parrish, Florida...

The theme for this year's gathering was "Awaken to Nature Within and in Everything Everywhere."

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Position of Fundraising Consultant

Gather the Women (GTW) Conveners' Circle is looking for a Fundraising Consultant. GTW has grown quickly over the past few years. As we expand internationally, we have identified needs and we are looking for someone who can carry out Phase One:
- look at our current minimal fundraising efforts and our goals for the future and help us prioritise 
- recommend sources for funding
- prepare a recommendation for continuing this role, either as an ongoing Fundraising Consultant who actually works on these funding projects - probably for a percentage of the funds raised - or as a member of our Conveners' Circle (a Development Convener).

Once these initial areas have been covered we are keen to move onto Phase Two:
- someone begining to manage and develop fundraising efforts, and it is ongoing, year by year. 

Our Conveners serve two-year terms as volunteers. Volunteers have made GTW what it is today, and we would appreciate your volunteering to do this Phase One work. However, we are willing to pay a minimal consulting fee for Phase One and when we get to Phase Two, possibly paying the Consultant a percentage of the funds raised would be acceptable. 
If you have an interest in working with GTW in this area, please send an email by January 21 to
Please include:
- your appropriate experience and skills
- your estimate of the length of time Phase One will take (in weeks)
- whether you can volunteer or would require a fee
- your connection to and involvement with GTW.
Interviews will be held via Zoom video conferencing. You can download Zoom for free.

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This newsletter was prepared by Deborah Zaher, Communications Convener for Gather the Women and Regional Coordinator for Crosby, UK.  

Deborah is from the UK and may spell some words in British English, some members are from the USA and may spell some words in American English and some members are from non-English speaking countries and may use a mixture!  
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