The survey and the data are imperfect, but the general picture is well painted and the conclusion very clear: information workers spend a lot of time finding and processing information, at a very high cost. If we can make it easier to find information, employee productivity will rise, and profits will soar. The social intranet can drive employee productivity.

Webinar: The Truth About SharePoint
By Toby Ward

The new SharePoint 2016 is available for on-premise use, or in the cloud via Office 365. But is it worth the upgrade? 

Many SharePoint users are still on SharePoint 2010, even MOSS 2007. What are the pros and cons to moving to 2016? Office 365?

This webinar features key advice, pros and cons, the good, the bad, and the challenges SharePoint 2016. Features a live tour of the Prescient intranet.

North America's best conference on intranets and the digital workplace is set for Oct. 25 and 26, 2017, in NYC.

A fascinating examination of best practices, and some of the best digital workplaces on earth, including key presentations from Coca-Cola, ConocoPhillips, Comcast, and more.

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Despite its technology prowess, IBM has added an old medium to reach and engage employees. 

Up to 6000 employees tune-in to IBM Radio everyday, and can talk about whatever they want, from 9-6pm CST. IBMers from around the world contribute their own shows that include call-ins about career advice, etc.

Intranet Analytics at H&R Block
By Toby Ward

H&R Block is the world's largest tax services firm. Established in the 1950s, H&R Block is the largest non-food franchiser in the world.

A fascinating business given there are some 90,000 people who work for the company every year, most in franchise-owned locations, and more than 80,000 leave each year before returning once again during tax season.

The intranet team's commitment to metrics, and intranet search, reveals an impressive dedication to intranet analytics, and employee usability.

We are recognized world-class leaders and experts in intranets, and have been for 16 years. Having worked on more intranets than any firm close to our size, we are simply one of the best at planning, designing and delivering killer enterprise intranets and social networks.