By Toby Ward

"The search engine sucks!" is the single-most common complaints we hear from intranet users. Naturally, most immediately blame the search engine. They should blame themselves. The technology should be adjusted and tweaked accordingly, but the biggest changes will come from governance and content management...

Webinar: Your Intranet Search Sucks: Here's 
How To Fix It
By Toby Ward

More often than not, the search technology is not the problem; the problem is the lack of governance for creating, labelling and tagging content. Not to mention deleting old, irrelevant content. But their are some tips and tricks to make the technology 'sing' a little better too... this 30-minute webinar will provide insight and examples on how to improve your Intranet Search.

Free Registration: June 28, 2017 - 1:00pm - 1:30pm 

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Most organizations are not yet fully social; at least not internally. Of course, most organizations still have a poor intranet that is woefully underfunded & they have bigger priorities (establishing full, thorough governance; proper content management; fixing the search engine; creating an engaging user experience). But the technology is evolving & becoming more popular...

Death is coming to SharePoint 2010. Mainstream Support from Microsoft SharePoint ended nearly two years ago. More importantly, Extended Support will end in just three years. Once that happens, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates. Suffice to say, you need to get off of SharePoint 2010 - and the clock is ticking...


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