This email is to go over details of our intrasquad meet next weekend. I am really happy that our team is getting this opportunity but it does come with a lot of responsibility. Here are most of the adjustments we are making in order to make this event possible. I am sure I have missed something and I will send out more information as needed. I will also send out an updated entries PDF later this week.

Estimated Timelines:
13 & over session:
  • On deck at 7:45am
  • Timers meeting for swimmers at 8:25am
  • Meet starts at 8:40am
  • Session ends approx. 11:00.

12 & under session:
  • On deck by 11:30am
  • Timers meeting for swimmers at 12:00pm
  • Meet starts at 12:15pm
  • Session ends approx. 2:15pm

Protocol for meet:
  • Everyone who enters the building will come through the front doors for temperature screening. No one with a temperature over 100.5 will be permitted. If you are sick or have symptoms you must stay home.
  • Coaches, officials, & other meet personnel will wear masks while inside and on the pool deck. Swimmers will wear a mask until they need to prepare for their race and/or race.
  • Parents and spectators will view the meet from meet mobile and from the livestream video we will have running. We will run this livestream for the entire meet. We will not have spectators/parents on deck. There will not be a volunteer sign-up.
  • No concessions. Swimmers should prepare to bring their own drink or snacks. (it will be a relatively short session)
  • The swimmers will assist with the timing of races. We will have a “swimmers timing meeting” before the start of each session.
  • While waiting for their events, swimmers will spread out in the bleachers & watch their teammates race. A coach or other meet personnel will help assist the younger swimmers by calling them for their events.
  • Swimmers will be permitted to use the warm up pool (max of 2 swimmers per lane) before & after their events.
  • 13 & over swimmers will be permitted to use the locker rooms for changing in and out of their race suits (a max of 4 swimmers in the locker room at one time.) We will have cleaning supplies inside the locker room to wipe down their area when they are done. 12 & under swimmers will come with their suits on.
Given our small team and the separate sessions this format will be possible. It will require cooperation by all but it will work!

Meet Entries:
I put all swimmers in the 13 & over session into 2 events per day. If you would like to switch events or add events just send me an email and I will review/adjust.
I put all the 12 & under swimmers in 3 events per day. If you would like to switch some events around just email me and I will review/adjust.

Please contact Eric Harnish if you are willing to help officiate this meet. We will need to cover both sessions.

I realize that nothing will ever be "perfect" but we are going to do our best with the current situation. We intend to do this right and to be a guide for other teams across the country who would like to explore a responsible meet format in these times. If you or your swimmer do not feel comfortable with these protocols we respect your choice to abstain from this meet. I know this is new for everyone and I want you to feel confident and comfortable that you are making the right choice. Thank you all and Go York!

-Coach John