I am very excited for this weekend! We need to make some small adjustments to our meet. The big change is where the swimmers wait while not competing. Swimmers & parents will sit outside. Families will need to bring their own chairs, towels, tents, etc and set up out back of the GAC. Social distance needs to be observed inside and outside the GAC. For the 12 & under session we ask that parents remain outside and responsible for their swimmers between their events. (Parents are welcome outside with the 13 & over session as well)

We will have a staging area by the back entrance. Volunteers will help organize the heats for the events that are about to compete. After the swimmers compete, they will exit through the doors on the opposite side.

We intend to stay right on the timeline. Swimmers will know exactly when they need to be ready to line up and compete.

The link to the livestream will be on our website.

We will need 1 timer per lane. Timers will need to wear a mask while timing. If you have questions regarding this link please reach out to Kendra Hilty.

Thank you all for your understanding as we continue to work through the details to make this event a success for our team!

Saturday & Sunday:
13 & over:
Warm up – 8:00am
Meet start – 8:45am
Meet finish – 11am
12 & under:
Warm up – 11:15am
Meet Start – 12:00pm
Meet finish – 1:45pm

Timeline – We will always start the “events” with this timeline. Individual “heats” may vary from the timeline you see in the heat sheets.
Heat sheets by session:


-Coach John

Click here for my previous email. This has information and expectations that everyone needs to have read before attending or sending their swimmers.

-Coach John