There are many moving parts when it comes to contracting with the federal government. You need to determine if the government buys your product or service. Then once you find one, some contracts must follow certain payroll regulations. Doing your homework first will save you time and money. 

By navigating free tools like  and , learn how to research what the government buys, how much, how often, and from which companies.  This workshop will teach you how to navigate these sites and gather the data necessary to grow your business .

Afterwards, we will learn about how to save money when it comes to payroll from eBacon.    The typical 20-man contractor is overpaying $67,293 every year in prevailing wages and fringe payments. This includes overpayments in reported hours, prevailing rates, overtime, fringe credits, taxes, and WC insurance.  Small mistakes also result in large fines and restitution payments. We will discuss insight on how attendees can dramatically reduce costs and offer more competitive bids. It will highlight Davis Bacon, Service Contractor Act, and State prevailing wage law basics, common causes of overpayments, everything you didn’t want to know about “annualization”, how to maximize your fringe credit even when paying cash, using a time & attendance system to manage job costs, and how to automate the process.

Speakers :