Introducing ...... Fighter Combat In The Firestorm Galaxy 

As part of our massive expansion of the Firestorm Galaxy we are hugely excited to announce that we have created our first "out-of-the-box" board game. Called Firestorm: Strike Force , gamers take control of Fighters, Bombers and Boarding Craft in a frenzy of combat as they perform their missions!

And just to be clear: when we say "out-of-the-box", we mean NO  modelling and NO  painting required. Just read the short rules, put the star map down and dive into the action... our stunning models come pre-coloured for each race.

Aimed at everyone from rookie pilots to veteran aces alike, Firestorm: Strike Force is based around an intuitive and easily expandable Deck Building mechanic and the Fog of War  is provided by our Draw Bag Tokens. Highly detailed Fighters are in the box and then players will expand their games with Bombers, Boarding Craft and larger ships such as Frigates, Freighters and even Cruisers.

And it's not just for fans of the Firestorm Galaxy, anyone who likes a fast-paced game in a Sci Fi setting will want to check this out.

Read our blog to find out how the game brings together two of the bitterest of enemies in the Firestorm Galaxy: the Terran Alliance and the Dindrenzi Federation. These races show no mercy in battle and this makes them the ideal choice for our first box.

Pre-order before the end of July and you will receive DOUBLE the number of Fighters and Stands - that's 24 highly detailed, pre-coloured models and stands