Palestine Portal is launched! Discover this exciting new resource for advocacy
An exciting new resource for our growing movement is here! provides opportunities for learning and action for the growing network of church-related organizations working for Palestinian human rights AND our Muslim, Jewish and secular allies in the U.S. and globally.  See who's in the Portal Community. 
Palestine Portal is an organizing tool, an educational resource, a news outlet, and a meeting place, all in one website.  
Palestine Portal:

CONNECTS people across the U.S with allies in their denomination, their region, and more: check out Mapping the Movement.  Someone not listed? Let us know!
FEATURES news, alerts and events from our faith-based groups - see
Community News on the Home Page and Action Alerts and Events on the right side of the Home Page.
BUILDS support for a wide range of campaigns.
PROVIDES excellent resources for education and action.
TEACHES those who are new to the topic, who want to learn about the issues and what they can do for a just peace.

SUPPLIES useful tools to support the work of current activists.
FEEDS us the current news on Israel/Palestine
from several great news outlets, all in one place.

Help to make Palestine Portal the powerful tool  
for justice and peace it can be!
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