No matter what is happening in the world, each of us has the need to feel secure, happy, connected. Provident is an agency that has been helping St. Louisans find their personal happiness for over 150 years. It’s a mission that has evolved countless times and continues to be reimagined as we respond to the changing needs of our community.

The Be Well Bulletin is intended to share with you, our friends, some of the important things Provident is seeing, doing, and learning. We want to have a conversation with you about what it means to be better and hopefully inspire positive changes in your life.

Here’s to a brighter future...for everyone!
Missouri Mental Health Stats
Provident is here to help those in crisis
find the help they need
to live happier, more productive lives.
Missouri Institute of Mental Health Suicide in Missouri: Where We Stand August 2012-Brief No. 1
St. Louis Regional Health Commission 2015 Access to Care Data Book
Updated, Expanded Crisis Center
Opens at Provident

February 23 was a big day at Provident as we celebrated the remodeled, expanded Alexander Barker Permutt Crisis Center. This new space within Provident’s downtown St. Louis office allows for an increased number of trained volunteers who can answer the call all day, every day from anyone who is in crisis.

The ribbon cutting event, hosted by KMOX's Tom Ackerman, can be viewed on Provident’s Facebook page.

“Since becoming a backup for the national hotline in 2016, our call volume has increased exponentially. This new center is fresh, professional, and perfectly suited to our needs,” said Jane Smith, Provident’s Director of Life Crisis Services.
Suicide Prevention Training Bill Needs Your Help!

House Bill 1719 passed on May 18 and is now on its way to the Governor's desk, where he has until August to either veto or sign it into life-saving law. this bill outlines suicide prevention training for health care professionals who are often on the front lines with patients in crisis. These caregivers are also frequently unprepared to recognize the signs of suicidality or assist with what needs to be done to help.

Provident was actively engaged in getting this bill through the Missouri House and Senate and strongly believes in its importance. Visit our website to learn more about how you can help and download a sample letter that can be sent to the Governor.
Take Care, Friends
We love this article from Psychology Today that shares some expert tips on how to to take better care of yourself. An example:

"I use a technique I learned in a yoga workshop years ago. It's based on the principle of hand warming. I take my palms and rub them together vigorously, generating heat. When they are warm, I take them and place the palms of my hands over my eye sockets, and allow my fingers to rest lightly on my forehead. I leave them there as long as I need. It's a form of biofeedback that is really calming." — Geralyn Datz, Ph.D. 
Social-Emotional Learning in Afterschool Program
Provident's Afterschool program serves over 750 children at 10 locations in the metro area, providing academic support, hot meals, social and life skills, recreation opportunities and character development.

"Because of Provident, I'm getting my G.E.D. and I'm able to go to work. 
Jeremiah is finally able to play basketball, and that is his dream. 
And I believe Janiah will accomplish anything she wants to accomplish. 
That's all that matters to me, because I want my kids to be happy. 
To be able to put them in Afterschool and have them be happy, it's a blessing." 

- Briana Jordan, Afterschool parent

  Click here to view our gala video and learn more about our Afterschool program.
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